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  1. Omi

    Need Help turning on Car

    10 psi MAP and -4.6 psi MGP.I do have bigger cams and factory intake manifold.
  2. Omi

    Need Help turning on Car

    I did what you said and numbers went down.I have question vacuum or map reading is around 10 at idle is it to low.
  3. Omi

    Need Help turning on Car

    It turned on -243 but knock level stays on 1000 knock counter stays on 250 using oem knock sensor.Is it supposed to be in those numbers
  4. Omi

    Need Help turning on Car

    The other trigger offset number that was on 0 was -240 but I didn't try it with the fuel on. That one of the things I am going to try tomorrow
  5. Omi

    Need Help turning on Car

    Need help turning on a 91 MR2 3sgte with coils and other aftermarket parts.When I crank the engine it backfire. I check the timing with a timing gun and it's on time.Car sparks and has fuel pressure. Going to attach the map that I am running on the car. Toyota Celica ST185 G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr
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