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  1. Greetings. Name is Scara. Im looking to get educated on ECU's. I understand the black art of Carbies, specifically on sports bikes, but a thorough understanding of ECU's, what to look for and what to buy are mind boggling. Its a different language and as we live in the realm nowadays, best I get some knowledge to make the right choices looking forward. I would very much like to participate in varying discussions, and I will tread with caution. Forgive me if I may ask a question which assaults anyones intelligence however, I am an 'idiot' when it comes to this type of application and custom fit outs. My sole purpose here is to get educated and be able in the long run understanding tuning and maps, idle screens,load screens and alike. Even the terminology aS; mS; aT all sound like there from Mars. A friend of mine had experience with a Microtech once, had no idea what he was talking about during a 15 minute conversation. felt Emancipated. Im interested in Fuel Only applications for the minute, any information that can be had on that subject to begin would be well appreciated and grateful for the input. Ask me a frank question and you will get an honest reply, best I can offer at this time. Looking forward to getting involved. Cheers and Regards Scara :)
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