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  1. Attached is the rom I used to try and troubleshoot the trigger issue. I was able to match the locked ignition timing with that of the pulley (15 degrees) with fuel injection off. I did not get any trigger error counts. With the same setting and holding 3,000 rpms at this point I tried to play with the delay but I couldn't get it to come anywhere near 15 degrees. Also, there are no trigger error counts when the car is idling or when I hold 3,000 rpms. Under a different rom that I used to move the car around, I have challenges firing up the car below 40 degrees ECT or the car staying on (suspect my Idle Control Solenoid is messed over and above the trigger issue,) jerking from the car below 1,500 rpms and misfires post 6,400 rpms. Only point where I get the trigger error counter to increment is on WOT post 6,400 rpms (2 per Wot pull.) Base timing set with fuel off log no error count.llg Trigger Test Rom.pclr 3000 rpm hold with base timing set.llg
  2. Thanks for the Prompt response Richard. I used that method. Locked ignition timing to 15degrees.. Adjusted offset to - 15 degrees where I saw the mark on the pulley line up to 15. But when I then go on to increase RPM to about 3000 to adjust the delay I can't seem to get it to line up at 15. And the mark is nowhere close to the timing marks. Hope that makes sense.
  3. Hi everyone, I have an Evo 5. Currently running a COP kit wasted spark type. I'm trying to set the Base Timing with a Digital Snap On timing light. I can get the car to start but can't manage to get the correct Timing offset and Delay to work. Do you think the Timing gun could be giving a false signal as the RPM shown on the gun is almost double of the Actual RPM too. Thanks
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