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  1. That make sense. I will put it in the throttle body if there is enough room, or Ill weld an extension onto the throttlebody so I dont have to place it in the intercooler piping.
  2. I don't have any pictures of the slushee evaporator but it's very similar to this https://fiinterchillers.com/products/ The Jabsco Cyclone Centrifugal pump flows 30gpm and I have a heat exchanger at the front of the car, and the resevoir and everything is in the trunk. I had actually planned to put the IAT for fueling calculations behind the throttlebody in the intake manifold. is there anything wrong with putting it there? It's actually a 4.0 Liter Engine, I am using a modified 1GR crankshaft. But still I thought it might be needed to smooth out the idle.
  3. I was thinking of using a air temp sensor before and after the intercooler. To see the efficiency of the W2A intercooler and my chiller. I have a r134a Slushee machine evaporator inside my intercooler tank that keeps the intercooler water chilled to 40 degrees.
  4. I'm extremely close to finishing my build and trying to get this thing running. This is the setup. Brand new Toyota Shortblock closed decked and re-machined 2007 Avalon 2GR heads Custom Wiseco pistons Custom BC Racing Rods ACL Race Bearings Shimmed Oil pump Custom Manley Sodium filled Stainless Steel 1mm oversized valves Custom Manley Valve Springs to match new valves Ferrea Titanium Retainers Custom T-11 Tool Steel Lash caps Stock Cams for now Moroso Oil Pan Radium Fuel Rails ID2000cc injectors Holley EFI Hi-Ram intake manifold top 300-219 bolted to the 300-217 Holley HI-Ram Manifold top and all this bolted to the factory lower plenum 102MM GM LS Drive by wire Throttle Body Toyota DBW pedal 1.5" Stainless steel steam pipe ells primaries to 2" V Bands with a 2" Ypipe into a T4 Flange (2) Tial MV-R Wastegates Borg Warner S366 SXE Turbocharger Custom Water to Air Intercooler Jabsco Cyclone Centrifugal pump Methanol Injection/Water Injection using Shurflo pump Planning on running E85/Flex Fuel Link G4+ Fury Link 6.5 Bar Map Sensor This MR2 has Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, ABS and Power Steering. I'd like to keep all this functioning. In addition I'm curious if there is a way to use ABS and the Throttlebody. What I know I dont have so far and need/want to purchase Ethanol content sensor Intake Air Temp Sensor Fuel Pressure Sensor Oil Pressure Sensor Manifold Air Temperature Sensor (2) LSU 4.9 Sensors Boost Control Solenoid Link MXS Strada dash Oil Temperature Sensor I'm pretty sure I can use my factory Coolant temp sensor. My Throttle body doesn't seem to have a idle air bypass like a Toyota throttle body would have, also I don't have a AC Idle up valve. So I'm trying to figure out what all I need, and make sure I'll have enough input/outputs for everything. If anyone has suggestions of which sensors to use, and links to the best deals that would be awesome. Any tips for setup? Any links to High quality loom materials, motorsport quality stuff. If there is anything you guys see that I may be missing out on, please drop me a suggestion. Thanks in advance for any help.
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