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  1. Thanks for the reply tuner wants to run antilag thru a stepper??? which I dont understand and question reliability on a rally car.. I've had other cars that have individual injectors wired in, at zero throttle, dropped fuel from one each rotation and throttle opened at idle to create rotational idle and cool engine for antilag. Any thoughts or I've got no idea!!!
  2. Hey all purchased the above ecu with expansion loom and I'm looking at installing it on my rally car which runs a 36mm restrictor. Just enquiring on whether it would allow anti lag and rotational idle. If so the recommended best way. Currently injectors run in pairs and are 3 ohm which run through a resistor in current factory loom. Tipping I'll have to buy new injectors and run individually. I should have plenty of inputs available as air con, turbo light etc wont be used and I do have expansion loom. Any help would be appreciated cheers adam
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