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  1. Knox

    Link ecu difference

    Ok thank you. Firing order for rb25det neo is 1-5-3-6-2-4, so can you write me which coils and injectors I should couple. I mean like lets say 1st coil match with x coil and 1st injector couple with x injector.
  2. Knox

    Link ecu difference

    Can I ask for G4 (not +) storm blue wiring diagram which has one 34 pin connector ? I read somewhere that storm connector is same with black storm a connector, so how I can wire 6 ign and 6 injectors? Thanks.
  3. Knox

    Link ecu difference

    Hello, can I ask if there is differenece lets say all Link g4+ storm? (there is different cases for storm different color, shape etc).
  4. Knox

    B18 Turbo

    Thank you for your input. Probably alternator belt was slipping like you said. For injector duty cycle, log is older than calibration date because of I forgot to record the log but engine is misfiring even when we use two fuel pump at around 78-82% duty cycle. So we changed the trigger now but because of curfew when can not even start the engine normally it backfires now but we will solve this. Thank you for showing me alternator voltage drop probably its the issue and we changed the triggers. I will update this topic as soon as we solved all issues for may be other people need the settings.
  5. Knox

    B18C Link G4+

    Simon, where it should be the stock dizzy while I'm calibrating the trigger offset? I'm just have too much time because of curfew here and thats why I'm asking, I'm just putting the dizzy in the middle of range and calibrate it from trigger offset.
  6. Hello how you did solve it? Can you please share the settings?
  7. Knox

    B18 Turbo

    I tried and engine won’t start. I mean its not backfiring also, just cranking and see around 190rpm on cranking. You mentioned -233 trigger offset does it cop setup change this? Because without cop setup trigger offset is aroun 110 and with cop setup 272 (with oem triggers). It looks like on the picture there is 13 points on cam gear(one is right behind the sensor pickup which not seen) but there of them close to each other and middle one is there I think for cam gear postion so I don’t think magnet inside. T1r writes this to me "The ecu configuration for this sensor setup will depend on which ecu you're using. This will work with any ecu that can accept a hall signal (square wave) on the trigger inputs. The "crank" trigger signal will see 6 pulses per engine revolution (12 per cycle, 2 revolutions per engine cycle. The "cam" trigger signal will only see 1 pulse per engine cycle. There should also be a setting somewhere in the ecu that will ask you "cam" trigger position relative to TDC. You'll have to find out exactly what your ecu is looking for, for this parameter, and then measure to get the number in the ballpark. " I’m sorry but I’m really stuck and need help.
  8. Knox

    B18 Turbo

    Hello, Because of some issues we are late for starting the engine. Yesterday me and my customer/mechanic tried to start the engine but engine starts and stops, if we give some throttle engine don't stop but it backfires from intake manifold.So I tried +360 which is +127 and same engine start and die or start and backfires. Normally Tooth Count on T1 trigger wheel on exhaust camshaft is 12, you write 6 and I tried 6, is it correct and why ? can you please inform me about it? I will check it with ignition timing light as soon as possible because here is curfew because of Covid-19. I see same issue topic on haltech forums about t1 cam trigger kit which says tooth offset: 19 trigger angle:67 and number of tooth:12 if it makes sense for you. Here is the link for Haltech forums. https://forums.haltech.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=10793 on page two he declares how he manage to start. please don’t forget engine has cop direct spark with trigger offset +272 (with oem triggers)
  9. Ok thank you. I'm asking for to learn (I already open a storm sample map and copy triggers etc). I can change input output pinouts off course but I want to ask about are they change automatically when I load the same map to storm ? Fueling strategy will change automatically or I need to change it to sequential? Sorry for detailed to questions but I really like to work with Link ecu and I'm advising to all my customers now. Thats why I want to be master on Link ecu.
  10. Adamw, is it possible to attach 1jz vvti start up calibration for direct spark storm ecu . I stuck on trigger 1 and trigger 2. If I set "trigger setup" to 1JZ VVti, am I need to change trigger 1 and trigger 2 ?
  11. Knox

    Evo 9 engine on evo 6

    Thank you Adamw. My engine will imported from Japan so I need to wait sometime because of Covid-19. I don’t have switch like Evo 8 (manual/auto mode).
  12. Knox

    Evo 9 engine on evo 6

    Hello, I searched but can not find definite answer. I have evo 6 with g4+ evo 4-8 plug in ecu. Can I install e9 engine and use my own e6 wiring with just make extra wiring for mivec?
  13. Knox

    R34 GTT Ecu

    Hello, I searh you website for r34 gtt plugin ecu .pdf file for pinout but there is no link for .pdf file. Can you attach here please ? Thank you.
  14. Knox

    Resistor box remove

    Thank you for fast reply.
  15. Knox

    Resistor box remove

    Hello, I have evo 6 with link g4+ ethrottle plug in ecu. I bought low impedence 1220cc Fic injectors. Can I remove oem resistor box and wire injectors directly to link ecu ? If I can remove resistor box, does it make injector control more linear, sensitive and faster ?
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