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  1. Hi Closed loop and the controller is set to 15 hz assuming the is the correct value ?
  2. Hi New to Link and I have a challenge setting up the wastegate duty cycle Link G4+ plug in on a WRX10 Subaru with Grimspeed 3 port valve VF48 turbo, 3" exhaust with racing cat. TMIC STD sti Thought that I could take the tables from my RomRaider files but they are related to rev. and MAP value and also seem to be oppesite to Link tables Anyone with suggestions or examples from there projects
  3. Hi Simon Thanks That improved the situation But im still having issues with the DIG 1 and DIG2 for the AVCS, the VR sensors is connected/programmed according to instructions in the help file When i see the status on configuration screen is DIG 1 and DIG 2 just standing as off Can it be the same issus with the VR sensor polarity How do I get the AVCS to work, and how can I see the status on the cam position An other question How do I set up the IAT sensor correctly, I have the Ford Cosworth YB ACT ATS04 ACT NTK Air Temp Sensor but having an issue with correct wiring/setup
  4. Hi Encl trigger scope at idle and at 2500 rev. Why cant I see/get the DIG1 andDIG2 to read the signals from the camshafts ? Trigger Scope Log idle.llg Trigger Scope Log 2019-03-11 7;15;36 at 2500 rev.llg
  5. Hi Engine is running and most of the issues is solved Reason for not starting and ECU went off line when crancking was pin A14 was still connected to trigger 1 But I have some issues The rpm count jumps up as as soon as rev. is above 3000 rpm so the ECU activates rpm limit Strange as the VR sensor worked fine with OEM ECU but I will try with a new sensor Also having problems to get the DIG 1 and DIG 2 to read the cam signal, the status is off and no signal There is signal from the sensors, they are both controlled with scope at the connector to the ECU The sensors are connected as follows Trigger 1 to A13 Trigger 2 (at the backside of LH camwheel) to A21 Dig 1 to C13 Dig 2 to A11 the low side of the VR sensors are connected to sensor ground together with the shield from the wire Need some help to figure out what is wrong with this signal sssue so I can get the AVCS to work My file is encl VER10 SLA 09-03-2019.pclr
  6. Hi Adam Thanks for the reply and the explanation on the power circuit Yes I checked, and have no wires on pin A1, A2 ,A3, its is 2007 version The ECU powers up nicely when ignition is on, so im not sure if its the jumpers The problem is that the ECU goes offline when cranking the engine, I can reconnect when cranking and sometime comes the ECU online, but its random so something is wrong, and when it comes online is there a message that that the program on ECU and PC is different ? More failure search during weekend, have borrowed a scope so I can check the triggers Any comments on the trigger calibration procedure, do I need a "interface" to connect between coil on plug and the spark plug in order to connect timing lamp
  7. Hi Its 07 model as my wiring loom etc is from a 07 model
  8. Hi Its G4+ plug inn to Subaru STI ver 10 with a V7 STI engine with crank trigger, trigger at LH inlet cam wheel and 2 VR trigger at the rear of the cyl. head land right Connected as follows Crankshaft trigger to trigger 1 trigger at LH inlet cam wheel TO TRIGGER 2 LH VR sensor to DIG 1 RH VR sensor to DIG 2 Has anyone any information how to calibrate crank and camshaft trigger One would assume that as its a known setup with 36-2-2-2 trigger that calibration is not needed The help file states that the calibration procedure involves ignition stroboscope, a bit hard with direct ignition. Is there a complete drawing showing all pins as I need that in order to trace power and ground, or is the std. Subaru wiring diagrams for that. A lot of question so any help i highly appreciated
  9. Hi New to Link and having a problem with connection to the ecu No problem to connect to the ECU but when cranking the engine is the ECU offline few seconds after the ignition key is turned to engine start Also problems with signal from triggers Connected according to diagram to trigger 1 with shielded cable There is signal with trigger scope but seems weak
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    Hi New to the Link ECU I have a STI V10 07 ECU My engine is however a EJ207 V7 engine with 1 VR sensor at LH intake camwheel, and 1 camshaft VR sensor at LH rear and 1 VR sensor at RH rear cylhead My question is how to wire up these sensors to get the AVCS to work correct and how to configure it correct in the setup Laursen
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