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  1. Kenian

    LINK G4+

    I beleive that this is correct - just like a sr20DE i setup recently both trig 1 and trig 2 are driven off the CAS that is located inside the distributor cap and no crank trigger is needed. Ive just had a quick google on trigger setup for this engine and there seems to be alot of info on Megasquirt formums regarding trigger wiring etc. You can most likely get your answers off that.
  2. Kenian

    Lambda signal

    Youll need to wire the 0-5v output from your wideband into pin 13 of your ECU (AN Volt 3) which is currently setup for NB Oxy and then got to AN Volt 3 under analougue inputs and change the function from "NB Oxy" to "Lambda 1" and then choose the calibration from the presets or input the calibration details from you your wideband controller. or you could use the AEM X-series UEGO that has CANBUS capability and wire it into your ECU over CAN and the link software already has this device setup as a preset stream. E36+.pdf the pin location etc is all in the attached manual for your ECU from page 17 onwards.
  3. Hi Adamw, I have just stumbled across this thread while searching for a solution of running out of inputs on my ATOM 2 G4+. After doing a bit of research I also found the autosport lab analogx 4 channel analog to can interface and am wondering if I can use this device and my 1 can channel to input the below?? 0-5v output from my knock monitor pro knock detection kit Oil pressure sensor (you have confirmed above this is possible) Also probably need a wheel speed sensor in there. What are the limitations on inputs using the autosportlab device and my link atom? By the sound of the above quoted comment this analog to can option doesn't have the flexibility of a normal an volt input? Any help on this much appreciated. Cheers Kenian.
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