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  1. Rob fd

    Closed loop lambda help

    I have fixed the issue. Thanks anyway for the help.
  2. Rob fd

    Closed loop lambda help

    sure can bud pull1.llg
  3. Rob fd

    Closed loop lambda help

    I only have 1 lambda. Where is the average getting it's reading from? Thanks
  4. Hi my afr reading going into the link is correct but the average is all over the place. I have the latest firmware that didn't fix it. Is it possible to have the closed loop control use the actual afr reading for adjustments rather than the average?
  5. Cheers bud I'll check that out.
  6. Wideband is innovative LC2. There are no codes showing on the link. I'm kind of thinking bad sensor but just wondered if anything I've done with the ecu could cause this? Thanks
  7. Basically my wideband works fine for the 1st say 15 seconds then just loses its mind and jumps to 32.1 AFR lol. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Can you connect the link g4+ to a android double din or flip up head unit to display realdash? Thanks.
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