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  1. Hi Adam, THANKYOU ; ) That explains it VERY well. LINK/your teams customer support, even for older outdated (still v v good now) ecus is second to none. After ALL the help you guys have given me im never gonna buy anything else apart from LINK when i upgrade because the support is just FANTASTIC. You guys are the Bee's Knees. Gonna go have some fun now i understand fully whats goin on. Thanks again Chris
  2. Hi Simon Last DUMB question i promise... just wanna be a thousand % sure ive understood this right as im the Homer Simpson of electronics... So the yellow/blue wire from AUX2 on the ECU harness wires directly to one pin of the the switch hooked up to the clutch..........The other pin on the switch just grounds straight to the body? Reason i cant seem to get my head round this is if AUX2 is kicking out 12v and i ground it wouldnt that just short out/spark/fry the ECU??? Feel like a complete fool asking this. Ive already fried a HKS ecu years ago trying to fit a better coil. Went badly way too quickly lol. Have set the launch settings to -25 degrees at 3k. Sound reasonable to test? Thanks yet again Chris
  3. Thanks again for the fast reply and support Simon. Spot on mate. Chris
  4. Hi again, now im trying to set up the Launch control. Have scanned through both manuals but im still a lil fuzzy. From what i gather can i use AUX 2 (12v output) as the signal wire with a clutch pedal switch? Thanks Chris
  5. Thinking about it i also would like to control my charge cooler pump to power up AFTER the engine has started. Just using a simple switch at the min. Can you advise me an easy way to go about this? Sorry for the dumb questions. Fried an ecu a while back so wanna get it right. Could i use the spray? or Drive A/B? What would be the best way to configure it? Thanks again Chris
  6. Musta missed it Adam. glad your on the ball : ) Thanks for the faste reply and taking the time to help me. Very appreciated. Thanks. Chris.
  7. Hi all, im totally stuck and cant find this info anywhere on line. I have an old LINK G1 plus on my GT4 and want to wire in a 2 or 3 port solinoid to run boost control from the ECU boost table feature. Can anyone PLEASE tell me which pin it is on the ECU (eg aux 1)??? Then im guessing i just ground the other wire on the solinoid? If anyone could give me a rough guide please as what i need to wire one up id be REALLY appreciative. Also does anyone have a G1 pinout diagram to be sure? My ecu runs off my laptop not the hand controller if that helps. Goin nuts trying to find this info. Couldnt see anything about which pins in either of the manuals. Many thanks Chris
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