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  1. we can not see the wiring at the back side of the DTM4S because of protections, but I've change the pins entry to feet well H/L. I've check this point 3 times to be sure I will try to contact AEM also about this firmware.
  2. Pictures : can1 is the Link can lambda can2 is the AEM In the engine bay, only can- and can+ are connected via a Deutsch DTM connector. (12v and ground are not connected)
  3. Hi, I've install and configure all like listed before, and have no data. All green light on the AEM box are alight and fixed after warming up, so looks ok. I feel a CAN communication trouble. Terminal resistance problem ? how to test different issues possible ? I'm not expert of CAN... thanks so much Xavier
  4. Superb, thanks so much, as soon as I receive missing parts I will try and give you feedback. Best regards
  5. Hello, I come back as parts received and fitted on the car. Still waiting after Can connection from AEM to Can 2 on the Link ecu, and I will be able to test. Any assistance in configuring the Can menu would be very appreciated
  6. Thanks a lot Adamw, but in DI4 I already have the waterspray, and it works well...
  7. I have a plug'in G4+ ecu feet on. As show on the picture attached, I've found a sensor on the clutch pedal, ready for but not connected. As anyone have an idea where is going the signal ? Any special pin on the ECU wiring ? Thanks in advance. Xav
  8. Thanks a lot Adamw for your support. This mounting will not be permanent, just for adjust fueling balance, after made, I think only one lambda post turbo will be enough to control. So I can use bus 2. Actually, Link CAN Lambda is plug on bus 1 as "Lambda 1". I will first buy AEM parts, prepare holes on the exhaust manifold, , wirering and come back latter.
  9. I would like to install a AEM 4 Channel Wideband UEGO Controller on my plug'in G4+ ecu, but according to the budget, I would like to make sure it will works. https://www.aemelectronics.com/products/wideband-uego-air-fuel-controllers/4-channel-wideband-uego-afr-controller instructions Manual : https://www.aemelectronics.com/files/instructions/30-2340 4-Channel Wideband UEGO AFR Controller.pdf I already have instal a LINK CAN Lambda in my CAN bus 1 port. Can you confirm that wiring AEM CAN H and CAN L to CAN bus 2 port of my G4+, it will works ? Also, is it possible to have some assistance to know how to config in my CAN menu ? thanks in advance Xavier
  10. Thanks a lot for you answer. Torque : 20±5 Nm
  11. Hi, I would like to use a Bosh knock sensor instead of standard one. Best connection way should be : 1. Use OEM connection, means connect directly to OEM knock sensor wiring in engine bay ? or 2. Go directly to the ECU and connect via "extension loom" ? thanks in advance for your comments.
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