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  1. Superb, thanks so much, as soon as I receive missing parts I will try and give you feedback. Best regards
  2. Hello, I come back as parts received and fitted on the car. Still waiting after Can connection from AEM to Can 2 on the Link ecu, and I will be able to test. Any assistance in configuring the Can menu would be very appreciated
  3. Thanks a lot Adamw, but in DI4 I already have the waterspray, and it works well...
  4. I have a plug'in G4+ ecu feet on. As show on the picture attached, I've found a sensor on the clutch pedal, ready for but not connected. As anyone have an idea where is going the signal ? Any special pin on the ECU wiring ? Thanks in advance. Xav
  5. Thanks a lot Adamw for your support. This mounting will not be permanent, just for adjust fueling balance, after made, I think only one lambda post turbo will be enough to control. So I can use bus 2. Actually, Link CAN Lambda is plug on bus 1 as "Lambda 1". I will first buy AEM parts, prepare holes on the exhaust manifold, , wirering and come back latter.
  6. I would like to install a AEM 4 Channel Wideband UEGO Controller on my plug'in G4+ ecu, but according to the budget, I would like to make sure it will works. https://www.aemelectronics.com/products/wideband-uego-air-fuel-controllers/4-channel-wideband-uego-afr-controller instructions Manual : https://www.aemelectronics.com/files/instructions/30-2340 4-Channel Wideband UEGO AFR Controller.pdf I already have instal a LINK CAN Lambda in my CAN bus 1 port. Can you confirm that wiring AEM CAN H and CAN L to CAN bus 2 port of my G4+, it will works ? Also, is it possible to have some assistance to know how to config in my CAN menu ? thanks in advance Xavier
  7. Thanks a lot for you answer. Torque : 20±5 Nm
  8. Hi, I would like to use a Bosh knock sensor instead of standard one. Best connection way should be : 1. Use OEM connection, means connect directly to OEM knock sensor wiring in engine bay ? or 2. Go directly to the ECU and connect via "extension loom" ? thanks in advance for your comments.
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