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  1. Hi i can’t download the pdf as it says unavailable i am using an android with female to female adaptor on usb so i can connect the original usb cable from my galaxy to the unit i have selected serial connection out of the three option if wifi and blueetooth and serial any help with be appreciated
  2. drifter17a

    Link g4 anti lag

    Hi guys, couple of questions when you take ur car to tuner , what does it mean when they lock the map? does that mean you can’t see the values or you can but can’t change it? on link g4 plug in, can you have a switch for anti lag so it can be switched on and off? does link g4 support fuel pressure and oil pressure sensor so it can stop the engine reving above 3k if oil or fuel pressure is low? finally, is there a wireless solution so you can see pc link on iphone to use as monitoring gauge? What do i need to have an obd wired in?
  3. drifter17a

    r34 g4 pug in

    Many thanks that won’t impact the engine negatively or blow it up does it? i have read the manual and it seems it is plug and play and i don’t even need to run vacuum pipe to ecu as I can just use the r34 boost pressure sensor or map sensor without any rewiring
  4. drifter17a

    r34 g4 pug in

    all, i own an r34 gtt and I think standard injectors are 370cc or so and have purchased a 630cc injectors. i just need to start the car and let it run for little while before taking it to tuner so question is, can i change the fuel duty cycle or injector opening time to half so essentially the engine can run in idle and low speed with new injectors?
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