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  1. hi Adam, I have changed the thresholds and we get rpm now! It starts and idles quite well after adjusting the master fuel trim to suit non standard injectors. I will look at trigger results again while running to see if it may be a further problem. would you say it would make sense to edit the thresholds across all rpm points in a linear fashion? ie. each threshold lowered by a percentage? let me know what you think. thanks again for the assist regards, Nath
  2. Hi Adam, I gave it another go today and notice the volt scale was at 20v AC for the triggers, which after i changed the scale i could see the triggers working! something i should have noticed before. I have attached the log of the trigger scope, can you run your eyes over it for me? i could be incorrect here, but it seems that the trigger seems a little weak compared to the trigger arming voltage settings? arming voltage setting for '0' is 0.4 and for '1000' is 4.5, for trigger 1 for example. I dont have vast experience with setting up this kind of triggering, it is all unchanged settings from the fzj100 base tune provided with the plugin. I just need to have the car running prior to handing over to an expert with a dyno to do the rest. Thanks again for your support. regards, Nathan Trigger Scope Log 2019-03-9 2;43;19 pm.llg
  3. I see what you mean, yes pins 9 and 10 are correct.
  4. hi Adam, thankyou for the assistance again, yes I believe I have the jumpers correct to my application. see attached photos to confirm. thanks! nathan
  5. Hi, Attempting to start my 1fzfe engine with the 3 plug type plugin LINK G4+ FJ100 ecu. All pre start procedures are ok, however there is no crank/cam triggers being recieved to the ecu, trigger scope has no reaction to the rotation of the engine. according to the LINK pinout, i have continuity from both cam and crank sensors on the correct signal wires from the sensors,(standard loom is used) however i traced the shared sensor NE- wire to PIN 23 on the ecu, there is no note on the LINK diagram as to what PIN 23 is doing, it is as if it is an unused pin by the link, standard toyota wiring diagram shows pin 23 as NE-. any help is appreciated, Cheers Nath
  6. Thanks again guys, I tried another laptop (also windows 7) but had exactly the same problem, i was in a hurry so i did as you suggested Richard, downloaded PC LINK 5.6.5. the drivers installed correctly and connected without a problem! on both my windows 7 laptops. I then installed PC LINK 5.6.6 but pressed cancel on the driver installation prompt, now all is working fine. Thanks Adam and Richard for your help! Regards, Nath
  7. Thanks for the speedy advice gentleman I will play with it this afternoon and post my results. Thanks Nathan
  8. I have recently purchased and installed a LINK g4+ plugin for my FZJ100. I have installed exactly as per instruction including driver instructions, (and re-installed countless times), checked the connection of the lead on the ECU as per other threads here with similar issues, however the laptop still has a yellow warning icon the LINK device when plugged in to the usb port. It sees that the device is connected, and knows what it is, but it is not usable through PC link as it has a driver error. when i manually try to install the drivers from the drivers folder in PC link folder, it states drivers up to date, and will not install them. im using windows 7 64bit. Any advice? i can only assume its a windows setting related problem to the drivers, or assignment of them but im stumped. thanks in advance nath
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