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  1. Yeh i thought that with the Link Dealer Tuner I have chosen and look what i got for my money...
  2. WOW just wow guys. How can some one call them self a tuner and represent a company and use their platform and not do it correctly. As i mentioned it was not driven much but i just hope their is not any damage, compression still seems to be where it was. i did have the oil sampled and no bearing materials were found but the oil was changed to fresh oil after the dyno day and i only put less then 100km on that oil Yes it is a Subaru 2.6 long block Cosworth engine with a FP Red turbo running on e85 Thank you for all your comments guys!!! thank you! Just as a example when i picked it up on the first day i was driving in a 80km zone in 6th gear the AFR's were at 16AFR i had to drive it back in 5th gear so it was closer to 14.7AFR
  3. Hey guys, I had my car tuned back in December from a local Melbourne Link dealer. The car has been back and forwards as it was running lean and cutting out under boost or lean protection... I had the car go back thinking when I would pick it up it would be fixed. In other words i am not comfortable driving it or taking it back. It idles funny it doesn't start right it made good power numbers but it's not what it should feel like. The car is not a daily driven car so it it just sitting plus i had no time to focus on this till now. I have posted a few logs and the map please let me know what you think. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5r0rbq5d9bilwv0/Log 2018-12-8 8%3B57%3B22 pm.llg?dl=0 Any feedback is appreciated Thank you. Original.pclr Log 2018-12-7 6;47;54 pm.llg Log 2018-12-7 7;28;27 pm.llg Log 2018-12-8 9;07;52 pm.llg
  4. It's running on E85 I rev it to 7,000 RPM It has plenty of torque but i have not been driving it at all till i can get the tune rectified so i know it is safe
  5. At this stage only low boost about 22-23psi max as it makes plenty of power with these Cosworth heads and being a stroker
  6. It's really frustrating to know i have spent a fair bit of money and the tune is nowhere near where it should be. I don't have a leg to stand on.
  7. Thank for the reply guys, If I was to change the timing table to the photo attached as a example and running it in MAP instead of MGP do I need to change anything else? Adamw as you have said it definitely was not tuned properly I was not happy for the tune I paid for. Thanks in advance.
  8. I am wondering if the timing seems high for a 2.6L stroker motor with cosworth heads running a fp red at 21psi on E85 making 350kw 8:2:1 compression
  9. The problem is I am not tune minded and I am learning as I go. I understand alot but I have never put it to practice so to speak. This car was tuned by a local and as you can see it is not 100% I do not trust or do I have two hours to commute there and back each time. There car has been there 5 times after the initial tune and I just don't have time or patience to waste on this so called tuner. I rather do this slowly but surely and learn something on the way. Once again thank you. Cheers, Simon
  10. Hi gents, So I had a bit of a play and I have adjusted a few things as mentioned above. Played with the fuel trims Disabled VVT around the idle RPM by upping the lockout to 2,000 RPM Changed idle control to open loop I played with the idle base position tables (let me know if this seems right) Also the idle hunt seems to have gone with the higher RPM lockout. My other question is do my AFR'S look like they are going too rich when i tap the accelerator when the REVS come down? You can see this in my second log 2of2 i believe. Once again thanks for any recommendations. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Simon Cold start revision 1.2 1of 2.llg Cold start revision 1.2 2of2.llg Revision 1.2.pclr
  11. Cj, Thank you for your inputs also I will adjust my map and see if I can get this sorted. Once again thank you.
  12. Hi Rob, Thanks for the reply. I have attached the current map as well as a example of the cold start idle hunt. Any ideas? Thanks for any suggestions
  13. Hi guys, I am wondering if there would be someone willing to help me with my current tune. Cold start is not the best and also noticing it runs too rich on first start up and sits at 10.0 AFR then slowly increases. Also noticing when you tap the accelerator it will idle hunt afterwards. I need to adjust some stuff in the closed loop driving. I am also wondering with E85 what should be my idle target at 1,000 RPM ? 14.7 AFR (1.000 Lambda) or more closer to 13.2 AFR (0.9000 Lambda) Car is a 2005 STi with a built 2.6L engine running a Fp red turbo and all the supporting mods. Thanks for any feedback or recommendations in advance.
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