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  1. The Ethanol content is displaying at 0% @Adamw Thanks
  2. Thank you @Adamw I tried it out last night but for some reason it didn't work. Thank you
  3. I have one last question. What am I doing wrong here... I am trying to get my Ethanol % showing up and I have follow this little tutorial https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPtGpksumYRqo5cH7A?e=L0nxEN but I guess I am still doing it wrong. I have attached the ECU file as well as the PLEX configuration. test plex CAN SDM-500.pclr Volcom86 TEST few setups new psi adjusted 1.pdc
  4. @Adamw you are a absolute gun mate!!! THANK YOU!!! IT BLOODY WORKS... I did an Indian dance when it powered up and worked haha. Thank you so much I really appreciate it Adam Hope all is well take care Ps i looked at it and I am not sure what I was thinking
  5. @Adamw Attached Plex Config Thank you Plex SDM-500 Link Config.pdc
  6. Thank you @Adamwfor looking into it. Unfortunately I haven't got photos of it atm as I have closed it all off. Once I get to it I will get you some photos Adam. What I did was purchased the Link 5 pin connector and made my own Can-Bus. I connected the Number 2 CAN wires from the Plex device and connected it to the Link Ecu CAN Number 1 connection directly with the twisted wires the Plex comes with. Could this be the issue? Could the other issue be that I am using CAN2 from the Plex device into CAN1 on the link side? As you know the Plex Dash comes with CAN1 & CAN2.
  7. Hey all, I am having issues viewing data from the ECU CAN1 to the Plex SDM-500 Dash. I have updated the Plex to the latest firmware so it is all up to date The ECU is seeing the can port connected however the dash display is not getting any data. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Attached files for reference
  8. Thank you @Adamw really appreciate your help Thank you
  9. Hey Guys, Looking at getting my self a Plex SDM 500 - Display & Logger.. Couple of newbie questions will it work with the G4+ - anyone else running one? Also what connector do I need to connect the Plex can-bus to the Links can-bus so I can plug it in Links ecu (photo attached for reference) Thank you in advance
  10. Ask the tuner for the original file map he should have it saved on his laptop. If he is being 100% truthful he would not have an issue sharing it
  11. Would there be a reason as to why going from 60% Ethanol where it was tuned. To filling up with more ethanol making the mix 69% - 70% make my AFR/lambda read richer? Example E60% Lambda target on full load .790 (Lambda actual .785 very close from target) after putting more Ethanol at the petrol station increasing my Ethanol content to 70% Example E70% Lambda target on full load .790 (Lambda actual .750) This is what I am seeing is this normal? Thank you for any feedback
  12. @Adamw Did some testing this morning and BOOM the idle issues are gone! Now I do have an issues with Idle being at 11AFR not targeted at 14.7AFR Adjusted the The min Eff PW and the CLL RPM low lockout at 1,600RPM https://www.dropbox.com/s/ojlb6va0vd9hirn/111.llg?dl=0 The CLL seems to be out more then before. One thing is fixed then other issues arrive Thank you
  13. Thank you @Adamw I will give it a try and report back. As always I appreciate your feedback and help so thank you!
  14. Thanks Adamw, I will give that a go... My Injectors are ID 1,700x My tuner has tuned the car with a different closed loop gain this was the original as I had issues with idle AFR at idle hunting however the idle was stable And these are the new tweaked settings So I am not sure if this has any affect on the idle issue. The other thing I Should point out is this is the first time me really trying this on 98 petrol could this effect anything coming from e85 ??
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