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  1. Was going to run coil on plug but was going to keep it simple to. Zisco do the have a web site do you know if they ship to Australia Can I just run 1 La coil to do all 4
  2. Hey there new to this couple of quick questions before I get started on wiring my monsoon has anyone got any tips for my combination? What is a good laptop to do this program on? What coil have people used was going to do coil on plug but was tipped to use an ls1 coil
  3. Craig


    Thanks for that the tps is different between the ep91 and ep82
  4. Craig


    Hello new to this just wanting to know if some can tell any tips for wiring in a monsoon to a starlet ep91 fitted with a 4efte out of a ep82 gt starlet. Has anyone ever used this in this configuration before?
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