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  1. Hi just about to do the r35 coil conversion kit including the new loom to delete the factory iginitor on my 26 has a r32 loom, I just would like some help on when I go into my link PC what do I change to make these work, tia cheers
  2. Is anyone familiar with the nzefi 0-150psi oil pressure sensor ? And how to wire it to my plug n play g4 + ? On the pictures we’re do I wire the sensor to the xs loom what wires go we’re ?
  3. 300zx blue plug n play g4+ been configured to run my rb26
  4. Yeah sorry g4+ plug n play Just need to know exactly we’re what wires go as there are 3 of them
  5. Hi I’m looking at buying the nzefi 3 pin oil pressure sensor for my rb set up as I have no oil pressure gauge with my factory loom ,I’m running it external on a gauge atm , but I’d like to wire it into my loom what goes to my blue plug g4+ it has 3 wires were do those 3 wires exactly go ? I have the new aim link 1.2 dash display and would like it showing on that so need to get the sensor installed and wired
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