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    rx7 s6 omp control

    Thanks Simon, seems my lambda isn't working in that case, as I'm not getting any reading. or maybe i have a problem between the ecu and it. I'll do some investigating and hopefully i can get it working. Thanks again.
  2. Daniel L

    rx7 s6 omp control

    Hi guys I'm completely new to this so forgive me if i'm asking simple questions. I've just fitted a plug and play g4+ to my rx7 and all seems well and I've had it running on the base map. Though i will be taking it to a professional to have it mapped properly once I've ironed out a few problems. My question is, how do i disable the oil metering pump control? as i am no longer using it as i will be pre mixing. Also, the oem lambda is coming up as a fault, but reading into it this, it is common until it reaches operating temperature. I have set the low voltage warning to 0.00 to stop the code being thrown up but how can i tell if my lambda is actually working? Or should i just ditch the oem one and get a wideband? Thanks Dan
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