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  1. citycash

    phil till

    Mate, I've spent so much time searching the internet about this ECU the wife nicknamed me Google. Looking at the spec chart that you have posted I don't see MAP sensor anywhere Thanks for the input it's really helpful
  2. citycash

    phil till

    It's not a case of "if I want knock control" the engine has it and it needs it to run smoothly a few years ago I blew one these engines I then spent ages trying to find another 4AGE and eventually found one from a breakers yard, what I didn't know as that the engine I bought was an earlier TVIS version without a knock sensor. By the time I realised it was too late, the engine was in the car and there was no way retro fit the knock sensor to the engine The car could not be driven properly as it would hesitate at traffic lights and traffic island, or under and kind of acceleration, it would knock and vibrate. I traded the car in for another to get rid of it So really what I need is an programmable ECU that can handle an external knock sensor and and external MAP sensor. The supplier in the UK Fensport told me that the link atomG4 would be suitable for my car but you are telling me otherwise. So as it will cost around £1,000 I really don't want buy something I find out to be unsuitable the day it's on the ramps at the tuning shop and the guy tells me I wasted my money.
  3. citycash

    phil till

    ECU Pin Out Identification AE92 4A-GE 16V Non-TVIS (1990-91) ECU Connections AE92 1990-91 Japan Spec Socket Q (Gray 12 pin) Pin # Color Label (ECU) Connection 1 B-R B1 EFI Main 2 R-W Batt BATT 3 Blu-G CCO Exhaust Temp Sensor 4 G-R FC Curcuit Opening relay(fuel) 5 G-W ELS1 Stop Lamp Switch 6 R-Y ACT A/C Amplifier 7 B-R B EFI Main 8 R-Y W Check Engine Lamp 9 R EGW Exhaust Temp Warn. Lamp 10 B-W A/C Air Conditioner clutch 11 V-W SPD Speed Sensor (instrument panel) 12 B ELS2 Idle Up Diode Socket R (16pin Gray) Pin # Color Label (ECU) Connection 1 not used 2 BG-R PIM Vaccuum Sensor 3 W THA Intake Temp Sensor 4 W THW Vaccuum Sensor 5 not used 6 B OX O2 sensor 7 not used 8 R-W VF Diagnosis Connctor 9 BR E2 Throttle Position Sensor 10 R VTA Throttle Position Sensor 11 Y VCC Vaccuum Sensor 12 Blu IDL Throttle Position Sensor 13 not used 14 B KNK Knock Sensor 15 Blu-W T Diagnosis Connctor 16 BR E21 Vaccuum Sensor Socket S (26 pin Gray) Pin # Color Label (ECU) Connection 1 not used 2 B-W STA Starter 3 B-Y IGF Ignitor 4 R NE Distributor 5 G G2 Distributor 6 not used 7 not used 8 R ECT TEMS Suspension Contoller 9 B VISC VSV Idle Up 10 not used 11 not used 12 G-R #10 Injector 1,3 13 BR E01 14 not used 15 B-W NSW Neutral Start Switch 16 not used 17 W G- Distributor 18 B G1 Distributor 19 Y-R L3 TEMS Suspension Contoller 20 Y-G L2 TEMS Suspension Contoller 21 Y-Blu L1 TEMS Suspension Contoller 22 B IGT 23 not used 24 BR E1 Ground 25 G-Y #20 Injector 2,4 26 BR E02 Ground
  4. citycash

    phil till

    The engine is stock other that hight lift cams It won't ever be boosted The engine as it's own KNOCK sensor screwed into the cylinder head, If I disconnect the knock sensor from, the engine, the car is undriveable Why would I not bother with knock control, the 30 year old standard ECU has managed it
  5. citycash

    phil till

    I have contacted many ECU manufactures including Link to determine what would be a suitable ECU for my UK spec 1991 Toyota Corolla Gti-16 valve. The engine is the 3rd Generation 4AGE and has it's own KNOCK sensor and MAP sensor but does not have O2 sensor. I had narrowed down the ECU options to the Atom G4+ but have had conflicting messages from Link support So, before I click the buy it now button and possibly end up with the wrong ECU. Can some one confirm whether or not the Atom G4+ can manage my KNOCK sensor and MAP sensor
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