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  1. Thanks blokes! Managed a little bit of both and seems to have settled it down. Still a small about of wavey (2 corrections) at the transition but quickly aligns and follows the target. Will fine tune the PID tomorrow to get it even better but will do for now. Cheers Nick
  2. Hi Guys, Hopefully can get some guidenence here in regards to the VVTI config for my Link G4+. I currently getting what looks like pulsed Inlet cam control, but sometimes it seems steady. Attached screenshot of what I'm seeing. I'm currently using a TALT+ Altezza PnP on a 2JZGTE VVTI from a Aristo in a IS300. Loom has been repinned to suit Altezza plugin and IO reassigned etc. Just wanted to get an idea on the config for the VVTI control on the 2JZ. I've set it up with the defaults as far as PCLink is concerned in VVT setup, selected Toyota 2JZ as Cam control (tried 1JZ too). PID is default (have not been game enough to try this yet). VVT solenoid is on AUX1, 300HZ (tried 100HZ too), CAM type is Inlet /LH. Trigger 2 VVT is reluctor, offset to 175 ATDC. Confirmed offset with Cam Angle test. Scott's Map 07052019 - Flex Tune - Nick edit 03082019 - cold start better - new VVTI map WIP.pclr Log 2019-08-5 1;36;11 pm.llg
  3. Thanks on question one Adam. Question two, while I was aware that Toyota use BEAN, the Link itself uses CAN and relies on a CAN to BEAN convertor (coded by Zac as part of his Uni degree) which is special to this ECU. If there is no way to find out what address to put into the Link then that is fine I might hack the dash itself and run a wire out so the ECU can use a output to light it. Cheers Nick
  4. Hi Guys, On the Altezza PnP, the manual says that DI7 goes to AC Pressure Switch (N6-"PRE") and DI8 goes to AC Clutch Lock (O8-"LCK1") Yet on the base map supplied (and online) these digital inputs are unmapped. If this correct? Can these DI's be re-purposed if not needed? Are those functions needed? Also while I have this open, I'm also configuring Cruise Control, do you guys know the CAN address to set the cruise control light on the dash? So it can light this if cruise control is set?
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