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  1. Same as original from what Dave has said. The pinouts are only wired that injectors 1-6 and ignition 1-7 are hard wired to the header from the main board.
  2. wastegate

    Low sample rate

    Is 9600 baud normal? I looked the Link USB Com port settings on my laptop and it's 115200 by default, but I'm not currently connected actively to a ECU at the moment and about an ocean away from one. In regards to Integrated graphics vs the geforce gpu, in my experience it doesn't really make a difference. The Intel integrated is a pretty good gpu for what PCLink ask of it. But if you want, you can change the affinity for PClink by going into NVidia Control Panel, then Manage 3D Settings, Program Settings then choose PCLink or Add it if it's not there and you can choose which GPU to use for it.
  3. Correct, comes from the ABS wheel speed sensors, only tyre circumference would effect it.
  4. Have to correct you a little here Adam. The body computer doesn't handle SPD. In manual cars it comes from the transmission directly to the cluster. Then to the ECU. In Auto cars, it comes from the ABS/TRC computer to the Cluster (->A12), then to the ECU (A13->). Instead of using the signal from the gearbox, rewire it to be the same as Auto trans cars. Uses signal from ABS/TRC (Skid Control) computer. https://www.my.is/threads/how-to-abs-to-speedo-rewire-for-v160-swapped-iss-02-5spds.412759/ There is a SPD output from the cluster that will go back to the ECU so the Link will have SPD then too. SPD isn't on the Bean network.
  5. Since the G4X is released now, I'd say some firmware engineers might have some spare time to do some G4+ fixes. Hoping so as this is one feature I'd loved fixed too.
  6. Turn off fuel in the ecu for spark test Take the coil out put a spark plug in it (earthing it) and try to start, see if there is spark. If not, since you say you have replaced the coil, check wiring. If you do have spark then check injectors, make sure you can hear each one ticking. Check the plugs and wiring to the ecu. Start your troubleshooting with the basics then work up.
  7. This PnP has a shitload of IO anyway. The Exhaust VVTI outputs can be reused too for things. It's a fantastic package for the value. You are able to run full sequential 6 cylinder without too much trouble. Was there a reason you wanted 7&8? I have one running my 2JZGTE VVTI. I've repinning my loom and reused, swapped around assignments. Things like reassigning the ACIS (variable intake) that is on AUX5 now controls the FAN, which was controlled on IGN6, which was freed up for future ignition upgrade. Also reassigned the ANVOLT1 which did goto OX1A now is connected to the Cruise Control stalk in my car so I have working cruise control. I've also redirected some pins from the ecu to a external connector for these including those 3x IGN outputs. So can drive things line 4-5-6 IGN, 3x Digital Inputs for Flex etc. I've also got a Expansion connector that has another 2 digital inputs as well as 2x Analog volt for pressure sensors and a AUX for boost control. I'm also using a Link CAN Wideband so it doesn't use any IO.
  8. You might be best to ask the AEM CD5/7 facebook groups. Quite a few knowledgeable people on there. This forum is for Link G4+ Support, I don't think your Link ECU is the issue here. What expander you using btw? E888? AEM lists the E888 as fully supported and tested and include a file on their website..
  9. Know this might be a popular one, but a wheel speed to CAN interface would be a huge welcome. A lot of the Link products can't take a raw ABS wheel speed sensor input without a divider and a lot of customers would love to have all 4 wheels input without using 4x DI's. Couple of products already out there from KMS and ECUmaster but they seems to be extra ordinary expensive for a 4xDI to CAN converter. https://kms.vankronenburg.nl/kms-producten/accessories/kms-speed-sensor-can-converter-4-channel https://ecumasterusa.com/products/wheel-speed-to-can-module?variant=13733653839933 The ECUmaster one even requires more hardware just to program it..
  10. Set a AN for the rotary switch. 5V from ECU. Set the AN as a GP Input, give it a clear label. Set Calibration to a unused Cal. The Calibration table should have a input units as volts, can set table increments to 1, most rotary switches you can lockout the other unused steps on the switch itself. Create a table with the steps eg 1..2..3 and the voltage for each in the table. You can workout what each step if using Ohms law or put on a multimeter. Once you have a Cal table and a AN mapped tot he switch, you can then create a boost table or Wastegate DC% 1 - Active table with RPM on the X-axis and the AN input on the Y-Axis. Then map it out with higher duty with the higher rotary position.
  11. Hi Adam, Sorry for Zombie posting this but had a question regarding the CAN structure and CAN IDs. My friend makes a Gauge that was made for the Haltech originally. Uses a CAN ID+N similar to the Race Tech above. My question was, is there a way to address different CAN ID eg +1 +2 etc without needing to use a separate channel for each to specify the new CAN ID? At the moment we are using 3 channels with separate CAN IDs and a user stream on each, then they have a single frame on each stream with the parameters. We tried it with multiple frames on the one stream but the frames seemed to mix. So had to do above. We managed to get this working with minor changes to his code but would be nice to get all the streams onto one channel, without needing to completely rewrite the audrino code. Here is the gauge working with the multiple channels for a example. Regards Nick
  12. Enable PC logging on your laptop and save it. Attach to this forum. There are a few 2JZ maps around in these forums you can download and compare. But can be a number of things, if it's almost starting then I'd be looking at your cranking cold start map. Also are you piggy back off the stock ECU? Is the stock ecu still controlling the throttle?
  13. Heads up, will need at least a log. That way can see the difference between the Throttle Position (TP) and Accelerator Pedal Position. (AP). Also the map is handy too to see the settings.
  14. Depending on the number of teeth the ABS hub wheel has, it might be too high for most ECUs, only Thunder would have a high enough HZ rating to count that quick. There are converters that will change the frequency from say 1200Hz to under 600Hz that would then be usable in most ECUs. This has been covered a few times in other threads. Mostly using ABS sensors for traction control etc. Now, looking at the 2004 WRX/STI wiring diagram, it relies on the gearbox speed sensor for at least the stock cluster. So if you don't have one, the speedo won't work as well. I looked to see if the ABS computer has a SPD output (like some Toyota units) but you are out of luck there. My best advise, chase up a sped sensor and install it into your new gearbox.
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