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  1. Hi, I was attempting to see if I could change the injector type on my G4+ similar to the G4 (See pictures below) and also wanted to see which injectors the G4+ already has the data for. It looks like the G4+ doesn't give you an option to change your injectors? G4 (borrowed from another post) G4+ (my software) Is there an option somewhere to see what injectors I can pick from a list that the ECU already has data for? Thanks.
  2. How do you get the injector type field to show up? I do not have that option available to me at all.
  3. Hi Folks, I'm looking for some clarification on the last piece of the puzzle to get the NGTR+ ECU installed. The search results show some conflicting posts (or rather differences in opinion), so I would like to have one definitive source at least for the NGTR+ users using the expansion pins. The Link Boost Control Solenoid is a 2-wire 12V solenoid. Questions: 1. I understand that one lead is to go to a +12V source, does it have to be an ignition 12V or can it be direct? (Does it matter?) 2. The second lead - Should it go to an Aux Output? Ignition (e.g. #Ign 7in attached image) or Reg Aug (e.g. #Aux11)? Thanks in advance!
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