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  1. Hi Everybody, I've been lurking the forums for quite a while and found the information here very useful. That said, i have a little problem with my current BMW M54, swapped into an E36, and couldn't find any information on this. Engine is a M54B30, but vanos has been converted to single vanos to make it look like an M50. I have used a timing light to align the trigger offset angle to the mark on the block, and tried adding 360 degrees to it as well, but car still does not start. I have uploaded my base map for your kind perusal. If you guys have any idea why the car i
  2. Hi guys, I have a 1993 BMW E36 with a M40B16 engine (Single cam) 1.6 I just got my link G4 storm (Silver) wired in last night and need your help with a few things. My injection type is multi point group or batch injection, therefore injector 1 and 3 is a single wire, wired to 1 drive and 2 and 4 is wired to another. My concern is that.. Injector drive 2 is faulty and is unable to output any signal, therefore I wired the injector 1 and 3 wire to Injector drive 1 and 2 and 4 wire to Injector drive 3. Active drives were set to INJ 1-4 Would this cause any concerns? L
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