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    Wheel Speed sensor

    Hi Guys, I've just got my car going again, and received the signal converter from VEMS in Hungary quite a while ago, but haven't had a chance to wire it up to see if it works. I'm hoping to get a chance to look at getting it wired into the car this weekend, and at the same time get my wideband connected to the ECU as well. I eventually want to upgrade the firmware too, but as the car is also my daily driver I'll need to make sure that I have a full weekend free before I embark on that. Will definitely let you know when I get around to wiring it up.
  2. Wes H

    Wheel Speed sensor

    Europe store ships to Australia on it's way! I'll update if I get it to work
  3. Wes H

    Wheel Speed sensor

    Thanks I'll check it out. *edit* looks like they don't ship to Australia....
  4. Wes H

    Wheel Speed sensor

    Thanks I'll check it out.
  5. Hi, I'm resurrecting my 98 WRX and would like to hook up a wheel speed sensor to my G3+. I did a 6 speed conversion many moons ago, but the Legacy gearboxes don't have a speedo output. Is it possible to tap into an existing ABS sensor? If so what's the best input to use? (Yes I am aware the bell housing can be machined to fit a speedo drive, I'm attempting to avoid that right now if possible.) Thanks, Wes
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