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  1. ozyvr4

    Power feed for Monsoon

    I have checked those Bosch valves out before. I have a customer with a supra that has 1. Seems to work fine. This is for a mate so for the moment we might try ignition idle control to get it running. Thanks for the for the info.
  2. ozyvr4

    Power feed for Monsoon

    Thanks for that . Some great info. I did not know thelat the monsoon could not control a stepper motor, that fixes 1 problem but gives me another. haha. I have to workoit another option for idle control. I have mostly done all the wiring on the engine, just finalizing the fuse and relay box.
  3. Hi there, I wiring a Monsoon and have a question in reguards to the 14v+ in wire. Is this a battery source or igntion controlled power. The reason ask is because my VR4Link has a battery feed that is live all the time and utilises a DI for ignition status. The other question is about the Ecu Hold power. I was thinking for it to work propertly the ecu would need a constant power to the 14v+ input and the DI (ignition) would activate the stepper motor reset when igntion is deactivated and needing power to the ecu . Is this how the system works in the stand alone system .
  4. ozyvr4

    Monsoon 4g63 trigger

    Fantasic. I am in Austraila. I might give them a call. Thanks.
  5. ozyvr4

    Monsoon 4g63 trigger

    I have a shielded wire with 2 wires inside the shield. Im thinking of using it for 2 triggers. Would shielding from each other or just from interference from other signals be needed. Im trying to keep harness as small as possible.
  6. ozyvr4

    Monsoon 4g63 trigger

    Im starting to wire a Link Monsoon into a mate car .1989 VR4 engine in a CB GSR Lancer. Im going over my plan and organising wires. Im unsure of the needing to shield the CAS triggers. The reason I ask is because I also have a VR4 with a plug n play g4+ and the cas signals are not shielded in the factory wiring. When I rewired my VR4 harness I copied the factory wiring but just uses txl wires on the cas harness for reliability.
  7. Do you mean directly to the battery bypassing the relay. I suspect I have a good voltage as I have rewired the engine harness and all relays are getting power from battery feed of the start motor cable. I might check the voltage at the fuse lambda module tho to make sure. If I need to buy a new sensor do I just order a Bosch LSU 4.9 . Is there different versions of the sensor.
  8. It was not doing it the day before . It would just read 10.1 lambda the whole time car was on decel. I did lower the idle steps settings . I was worried the sensor may be faulty.
  9. I started having a weird problem yesterday, I noticed on decel the Lambda 1 reading displays 0.000 after a couple seconds. The car runs fine and displays 10.1 lambda for the first couple seconds then its like it shuts down. As soon as throttle is pressed it reads normal again. The Can Lambda kit is just under 12 months old. I've attachted a log from my drive yesterday can lam test.llg
  10. ozyvr4

    galant vr4 2.0t

    What would need to be alter on the board..I also am interested .
  11. ozyvr4

    Erratic Speed Signal

    I'll have to look into that. I did not know the dash cluster had a speed signal out. It uses a cable from the gearbox.
  12. ozyvr4

    Erratic Speed Signal

    I have a 1990 VR4 Galant with the VR4Link P&P ecu. I am having trouble with my speed signal. I have it set up to DI 3 ( FL wheel ) . The VR4 uses the front ABS ring for the signal. The signal is very erratic. Any help would be great . speed signal.llg
  13. Oh really. Do they clog up? Myself and a few mates have been using them for years.
  14. This the deadtime table i used for my bosch 2200 short body 14mm hi z injectors.
  15. Thank you very. I suspected it could be done . Ill now buy a switch and wire up.. Haltechs instructions show the values of each switch point. So I should set up x axis with these values.
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