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  1. Oh really. Do they clog up? Myself and a few mates have been using them for years.
  2. This the deadtime table i used for my bosch 2200 short body 14mm hi z injectors.
  3. Thank you very. I suspected it could be done . Ill now buy a switch and wire up.. Haltechs instructions show the values of each switch point. So I should set up x axis with these values.
  4. I thinking about using the haltech rotary trim switch for boost control. From my understanding it uses the 5v source and gives different signal voltage for each of the 12 switch points. Has anyone used this with success. Im wonder if a 3d table configured with rpm and an ANV input to control solenoid duty cycle should work. Is this posible. Im not after 12 settings but 3 woud nice. wastegate pressure , mid boost and highboost.
  5. ozyvr4

    Yaris coil dwell time

    Awesome thanks. Ill enter that in tonight..
  6. ozyvr4

    Yaris coil dwell time

    Thanks Adamw and cj. I found that link but it woud not open. Said it was unavailable. Can i just go to the base map for the car that runs the 1ZZ/1NZ engine and copy the dwell table and paste into my setup? I havent started the car with the can lambda installed as it needs to tuned. I have started the setup stage and will crank over once the car is moved from home. The car will be going straigt to tuner.
  7. ozyvr4

    Yaris coil dwell time

    Hi , I have the car booked in next week to be tuned and I have a coupe things to finalise. I have fitted a coil on plug set up using the Yaris Denso coils. I after a dwell time table to use. I have also fitted Link Can Lambda and am wondering if I should get reading with engine off? I do as the setup instructs and save, but when i go back into the can setup i cant see the lambda? I put E85 in the tank last night to test ethanol sensor and i got a reading of 90%. I thought this to be weird. Should I be concerned that the reading is higher than 85%? The coil part number - 90919-02240
  8. Awesome. Its a 6 wire Lc1 from memory. I have had it for 10+ years. I just get new sensors every couple years. Ill check the programing. Cool. Ill adjust the trigger offset and put the firing order back to normal. Cool..I have the internal knock turned , the car will be going straight to be tuned once i have everything setup. Thanks for you great advice..
  9. I have the car up and running and i have a few setup questions. VR4link I have an Innovate LC1 that worked fine in the car with the old ecu so for the moment i dont see a need to change. I have wires brown signal wire into AN4 input . I have tried using Lambda 1 and calibration LC1 , but cant get the reading to display on the ecu software. The widenand is working as im getting a reading on the innovate XD16 guage . What do i use for the setup configuration? Question 2 I have changed the orignal coil wasted spark setup to a direct fire coil on plug . The cas has not been removed and car ran fine on old system that was modified stock wasted spark setup. Trigger input could not be altered. I have allocated ign 3 & 4 to the 3rd and 4th coil . I have tested coils independently and each coil corresponds with ecu outputs , but when i started car i would only run when i reversed the firing order. I had to inverse (1 & 4 ) & (2 & 3) , from the default vr4 firing order. I watched the series of videos from the High Performance Academy and remember Andrea mentioning this can happen and you could adjust the crank angle by 360° but can not a setting that has that capability. Question 3 I had the ecu board modified prior to recieving it for the knock sensor modication but have not seen an input allocated to the knock sensor .
  10. ozyvr4

    ECU Unlock fails

    Mine is all sorted now with new unlok code. The zero was entered the first time. Is the unlock code the same for ever on each ecu?
  11. I have Bosch 2200cc injectors and I am setting up injectors for moddelled fuel. Do I set up as 2200cc?. My previous system was not desined for injectors so large so I had to set as smaller and adjust deadtimes to suit.
  12. ozyvr4

    Laptop com port error

    Fantastic. I am going using windows 7. Ill uninstal and load previous version. Thanks.
  13. ozyvr4

    Laptop com port error

    I have connected my HP Stream tablet to the ecu but cant get my laptop to connect. I get a Com Port error. I go to 'Options - Connections ' and change com port ,but same error. I have checked the device manager and the Link connect has a yellow exclamation mark. I try to update driver but it will not software . I dont know to try next?.
  14. Fantastic . That all makes sense. This system is a little more involving thsn my last system, but so far very happy. Tomorrow is start up day. finger crossed. The setup is a little different than stock. I have removed the coil igniter and have fitted 4 coils run in direct fire setup. The whole harness is new and wired the tacho to Inj5 out. Seems to work great.
  15. Hi there, I have 95% of my wifing setup and had a couple calibration questions. 1 - is there a list of the 'cal' setting for sensors. I have a 250psi pressure sensor for my oil pressure. 2 - a freind has a link pkug in ecu in his evo and said you can set up the tacho sweep feature to display enthanol contenton start up. I checked the tacho setting but can not find where you would set that up. 3 - when i did my map calibration and checked display reading with igntio on but engine off it reads 14.9psi.. How do i correct it back to zero and is the internal 4 bat sensor ( 1 bar negative and 3 bar positive) ?
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