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  1. I'm just in the process of putting the finishing touches on my WRX and I'm going to need an IAT sensor. I have a spare 1/8 inlet on my manifold post TB, or I think I can weld an aluminium IATB boss into my TMIC endtank? Just trying to work out what my best option is cause it seems like IATB is the best move, but I'm not exactly sure where to mount it. TIA
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to wire a V8 EJ207 into a WRXlink 6+, and I currently have one expansion connector at my disposal. I need to wire in two AVCS solenoids and two cam position sensors. After a bunch of reading, I've found out that the solenoids need to go to AUX1-4 (which works because I've changed my IACV to a solenoid instead of the stepper), and I can use the two DI on my expansion loom for the two cam sensors. My question is, as stupid as it sounds, where do my second wires go? do my cam sensors merge and go to the common 5v output on the expansion? And where do my solenoids ground to? Do I make a local ground for them or is there a pin I could tap into? Also, without considering the AVCS cam sensors, my car is throwing a cam position sensor code and I'm getting no spark on the factory EJ205 MY99 ecu. I feel as though it's highly likely this is because the cams are different in the 207 so it's getting weird readings from the sensor, and I'll need the link in with a tune before it runs. Just chasing a second opinions either calling me an idiot or agreeing on that one. Thanks heaps
  3. Hey guys, I've just purchased a WRXLINK 6+ for my MY99 WRX, but i've swapped in an EJ207 from a 2003 STi. The issue I'm facing is that the new throttle body has a 3 wire idle control valve, but the wiring I have is for the 6 wire stepper valve. I'm just wondering if i can just use the positive, negative, and one of the signal wires (I'm assuming there's 4, so I'd not use the other 3 wires) and just get the Link ECU tuned as a 3 wire IACV? The old throttle body doesn't fit so reusing the 6 wire valve is out of the question, and I'd much rather use the 3 wire if possible anyway. Thanks in advance!
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