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  1. Hello to everyone,can somebody take a look at my trigger scope log please,to tell me if its ok?i use 60-2 trigger wheel and 1 tooth cam signal, and my next question is about the Dwell time,i use external ignitor module(Bosch) to fire a double coil in wasted spark modus,and see even though selected dwell settings to duty cycle,a dwell time when engine is running in idle of about 22ms?is that normal?i mean in another same engine with the same ignition coil but differend ecu and no external ignitor module,i set the dwell time to 3ms,may my thinking/understanding about this is wrong? It`s my first Link ecu that i work with,so i need a little help please-) ECU is a Black Storm Greetings from Greece Log 2019-04-6 4;14;19 pm.llg Trigger Scope Log 2019-04-6 4;11;55 pm.llg Trigger Scope Log 2019-04-6 4;06;39 pm.llg
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