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  1. Swapped the wires and it looks right now, I'm cranking engine with plugs in and not the strongest battery(120-130rpm in link).....and it sounds like every cylinder doesn't have the same compression(not sure why...).... that would be the reason for the uneven wave form i'd say !
  2. Hello I have taken a trigger scope of the car, pretty sure setup to use on subaru with these reluctor sensors is falling, however I am unsure of sensor polarity as i have them arranged in a non standard fashion, can anyone tell from the trigger scope if the signal is indeed falling ? or do i need to reverse the wires on the sensor ? Cheers
  3. Hello I need to set-up shift cut etc on a Subaru Modena sequential box, have used this box before on an EJ with an M800 MoTeC making 700+whp, worked pretty well in closed loop mode with only issue being exhaust bang on gear change ; Specs for the gear knob were -40-0-40Kg, in the motec setup this was 3v-3.726v-4.5v, which looking at it was likely not calibrated that well but upshift force used was 15Kg, the box did like/needed a fair amount of preload on stick(before ign retard unloaded dogs and allowed shift) to effected a good change under 850+fwhp with wheels spinning etc. The link set-up is in Newtons, what would the conversion be from Kg ? Gear change cut timings in M800 were all minimum settings(Delay 0.001, Recovery 0.010) with the exception of 1st-2nd(Delay 0.006) with a .5sec timeout. This set-up worked and was effective, but testing and tuning on the street or drag strip(no cage etc to run 9s) was difficult...car was very quick, violent and loud at that power level lol Any other tips on setting up the sequential settings ? New set-up will have more power(~1200whp) and again in a non caged street registered car so anything i can do to nail down some ball park settings with-out risking license and life would be very valuable. Car s being built to compete in a specific event but has to be debugged well before... Cheers
  4. Ok just going though the configuration, and I have used Aux3 for the FAN PWM control and the frequency setting is in %..... how exactly do i achieve 100Hz with this % setting ?
  5. Hello I want to switch on a relay via an output(Ign7)with a grounded signal on DI8 .... I can see how the logic works for a voltage on a AN input, but "DI8 Speed" is the only thing i can see for a DI as a condition... is it some value using that ? Cheers
  6. Thanks for the reply's, cj - that would be good
  7. Thakyou very much Adam, I had a quick look at the tune file, can't wait to test it when the car fires up.... On another note, the model Subaru(my05 3.0RB) I'm building has a PWM controller for the engine fans, any idea on frequency to use for the fan controller ?
  8. FSM says it has a 30amp fuse which runs ECU, a bunch of sensors and solenoids no longer connected and the injectors... searching this topic i did come across something about don't power lambda(might have been can lambda) shared with any inductive load(injectors).... Is that still the case with powering lambda sensors ?
  9. Hello I'm installing the wires and adding the plugs for the 2 lambda sensors and I have just realised that the Link wants all 6 wires connect to the sensor.... I've run 5 as I looked at the link wiring table and it listed 5, and some of the wiring I'm using came from a MoTeC install, which only uses 5 wires ! Anyway, I now need to run that 6th wire which is "Ignition switched 12v", is it wise to use the ECU's 12v power supply for this ? In this case the ECU is power via the original Subaru wiring "Control module power supply", or would it be better to add another circuit/relay and fuse for the 2 lambda sensors 12v? Cheers
  10. Ok good stuff, Aux20 and Digi12 are free, tune attached far from complete, lots of stuff wired aEG33 Thunder.pclrnd not configured yet...
  11. Ok i got a reply from the Motec Guy, looks like some good usedful information.. The way its looks he is controlling the pump is via a table of chiller coolant temp(which is received from the pump over can...didn't know it could do that!) and the runs the pump speed is 2 configs, race and street, exactly what i want to do. I however have also installed a temp sensor in the chiller reservoir on temp 4 input so i may not need to go that far...just want to control pump speed. IC Pump Control.pdf
  12. I'll try get some more info from the Motec guy, he says he has can template for Motec C series dashes that I would need to know my way around the software to use... The pump is a brushless thing with all sorts of protections monitoring and smarts, the heat sinked control board attached to the pump is just about as big as the pump it self lol, so a solid state relay wouldn't work. Running the pump in 3 modes would be good enough, having infinite control over motor speed is not necessary. If I could work out the Legacy command CAN structure to send the pump % start, how would configure and use that in the link ? Cheers
  13. Adam - any input on this ? is what i want to do possible and or is there enough info in that document ? Barge - I take it from your comment that a pwm output over CAN is the way to do this ??
  14. Hello I going to set-up several switches on digital input channels to do various things, planning on making a switch panel with led to indicate switch status....switches will switch low to digital in and also light an led that gets its ground from the switch.... any issues with this ? ie the link might see 12v on the digital input through the led when switch is off !? Cheers
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