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  1. Ok thanks for the info cj, I would of think the original ecu must get a speed signal from somewhere, maybe back from the dash through CAN ? I would greatly appreciate the info you have on the Subaru CAN bus ID's etc, I don't have a functional original ECU anymore as i cut the plug off it to make link harness ! It would be good to have the dash gauges functional and no error present, I do have the AIM MXS dash in the car, but that won't always be there for daily driving as I have had issues in the past with cowboy cops that see an aftermarket dash display and don't like it.... Cops in Western Australia have been a campaigning for a while now against modified cars, we have the toughesh laws in the country that basically don't let you do much with out full engineering and even then its very limited ! Cheers
  2. Ok thanks guys, I have found the airbag DTC section in the manual which should enable me to get codes and find whats wrong. I did terminate/add resistor to the ECU end of the Subaru can bus, that actually made the fuel gauge respond to resistance at the tank end and stop flashing but it didn't clear the Err HC, I did not connect the Subaru can bus to the link, if i did does anyone know how to produce the can data to stop the dash error and make gauges work ? Also its not listed in the ECU pinout but i have been told in the past that there is a speed signal(comes from ABSHU) at the ECU plug....anyone know what pin that might be ?
  3. The airbag module isn't happy in my MY05 Liberty 3.0rb, I assume it wants to see some CAN data from the original ECU... Anyone shed any light on this ? Can the link replicate what is needs ? Tried using a obd2 scanner to talk to the SRS system but no response. ABS system is happy enough surprisingly and talking via obd2 port. Dash displays Err HC(High speed canbus error)
  4. Ok i added that stream and took 2 logs, i added that new can stuff to my current tune file which i have attached also.... some of the dash frames that you removed i was using to send data to dash... replied with dash config in my other dash thread. emptest 419365664.llg emptest1.llg EG33Lib2.1.pclr
  5. opps i misread that though you said ecu config.... Dash config attached MXS 1.2 Strada EG33.zconfig
  6. Hmm I don't know, we are not talking a small oscillation finding it position, the throttle was bouncing rapidly, 9 times a sec in log and it stopped when i changed the throttle map. PID wasn't much different than it is now also.
  7. Yeah that's pretty much what i got yesterday playing around with it, 6.5, 0.051 37, however that PID of the throttle is not what actually caused the code 75 this latest time ! if you look at the log when the error counter started you will see the TPS bounce/oscillate even with aps at zero(the car did this when i set throttle to always on when testing that could be heard) and it seems it was a hysteresis thing cause by setting the throttle map with 9 at 0(an attempt to implement some base idle position there rather is the idle control system)....seems it doesn't like this, having the first number so close to second(10) !
  8. 8.5 0.051 40 How close should aps and tps track ? I can see idle control trying to do it thing, i would hope the error ratio ignores this ?
  9. *update* Just started car up again with the hope of a little drive tuning, but ethrottle is not happy....log is a train wreck ! ethrot err.llg
  10. Ok back to the EMP pump control, it seems I must use the legacy id otherwise there is lots of errors on can 2, with legacy id its all green. But i still don't seem to be able to change pump speed. Took a log during which i changed Aux out condition to turn it on and off, and changed frequency in PWM table from 10-100. Is it possible to get some status from the pump Adam ?
  11. oversteer

    E Throttle code 75

    Had the ethrottle brick and log code 75 yesterday....unfortunately i was not logging when that happened... I switched the throttle to always on and took some logs today, the sub and mains seem to track properly, but aps and tps do not really, tried changing proportional and derived from 7 & 35 to 8.5 & 40 , not sure it helped ! Car uses a Subaru bp5 Lib pedal and ls3 90mm TB. Is e Throttle behavior acceptable ? have attached tune and 2 logs, on log 7 & 35, one 8.5 & 40. eth8.5and40.llg eth7and35.llg EG33Lib2.pclr
  12. Thanks Adam. Tune file is above.
  13. Best to do it with ground.
  14. Got the dash installed, now trying add some non standard items to display on dash, found post When I try to modify sec inj duty for ethanol content and then save I get "Too many parameters set in streams"..... how to i get around this ? The dash is on CAN2 with the EMP pump and custom stream1 that you defined, so i set channel 2 transmit stream 2 where i loaded 869078060_ConfigurableGenericStream.lcs. There is also a lot of other stuff i want to be able to see on the dash, i was just trying the ethanol one first and ran into an issue ! Is there a new way to do this ? EG33ThunderRunDash.pclr
  15. oversteer

    Trigger issues

    Firing order correct in software ? Wiring correct for ignition and fuel ? Tried a timing light ? You know about the difference between JAP and Aus market version 5/6 how they have crank and cam swapped for immobilizer(like when you put a PowerFC in you have to swap crank and cam trigger wires in an Australian car), is that what you meant by swapped sensors above ? Edit: you replied just as i was writing this, but my last comment stands, are the trigger going to the right input ?
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