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  1. Hi guys, just having a look through the pc link documentation regarding wiring an OBD2 port. 1. OBD2 pin 4 and 5 are shown to be terminated to ECU signal GND - im not sure what the ECU signal GND is, none of the pins in the storm black diagram are labelled signal GND and cant see anywhere referring to a signal GND. 2. Can in use the OBD2 port as part of the CAN bus? I am hoping to use the OBD2 port and wideband o2 sensor over CAN, im just not 100% sure if the OBD2 port will nullify the CAN capabilities or if it will just be another link in the bus? Any help appreciated!
  2. Will this suffice? There is the switch in question, but that diagram shows how i would modify it to work by adding and removing some connections. I see in your diagram the DI is between the bulb and the switch to ground, I would do the same but dont think i can reliably solder to that point (where the wires are currently connected are tabs to hold the solder and wire in place). So will the DI after the switch be the same? Sorry I could have drawn the diagram to look simpler but am just keeping the physical layout to help myself visualise it!
  3. I am using a link storm ECU, is there any way to get around this? Could i Just earth the circuit and split the earth to the DI?
  4. Hi guys, just want to make sure Ive got this right as Im a little unsure. I want to re purpose an AC and Economy switch to become digital inputs to my ECU. I have attached the diagram that I quickly drew up, Just wondering if that seems right, the little circle things are the lights that light up when the switch is pressed in. Would I also be correct in thinking that this will be called a drive high switch to ECU? Im not entirely sure as I havent really found a lot of examples of different digital switches and the link examples are quite vague. Is it ok to wire a digital switch with a load to the DI inputs? They are only tiny little bulbs.
  5. yes sorry, 20v 4age. I understand what you mean, I suppose I got caught out with everyone calling it VVT! I realised that for a 9000 rpm tacho that only a 150Hz output will be needed, could there be any benefit to shifting the tacho output along into the 5-8 Aux out and leaving the Aux 4 free for any future use of the 4000Hz output? Im not really sure what could utilise this output though, any suggestions?
  6. Hi guys, Im in the wiring phase of my 4AGE turbo build and see in my link storm documentation that Aux output 1-4 are used for high frequency outputs. I am wondering if VVT control needs to be on one of the AUX 1-4 outputs, Its a basic on/off switched solenoid but I dont know what frequency is suitable to get it to work as intended. Documentation in the pclink help section only seems to say it should be wired to AUX 1-4. should I swap the vvt and tacho output around? Will tacho be fine on AUX 5? Current AUX output below: Auxiliary output 1 - ISCV pin 1 Auxiliary output 2 - ISCV pin 2 Auxiliary output 3 - Boost control solenoid Auxiliary output 4 - Tacho Auxiliary output 5 - VVT Auxiliary output 6 - Rad fan 1&2 Auxiliary output 7 - Fuel pump relay Auxiliary output 8 - Spare ANy guidance appreciated thanks
  7. thanks simon for the heads up, unfortunately, I dont even know what - where the R4 resistor is, im guessing R4 is a code for the value of the resistor? Im fine with removing and soldering, but not familiar with the actual parts themselves.
  8. 8" would probably suit me better! any leads on where to source?
  9. Hi guys, just wondering if there is now support for the RealDash app to be compatible with the storm black? I foud this comment on the forum which ws from last year "Right now it wont work on the Atom, Monsoon, Kurofune or Black Storm as the serial stream is not enabled in those ECU's but we hope to enable that setting in the next couple of months." Did this ever happen? Otherwise any suggestions to a tablet setup that is suitable to be permanently fixed in car would be great. (not specifically used as a dash, just would be nice to see parameters and possibly make a simple change or two would be a bonus)
  10. Thanks guys, both of these solutions are great, I was looking for something more specific to the AE86 so thank you JMP. After having a bit of a think about it, I think I will try to make one of those tacho boosters as it will be simpler than removing the cluster and easily interchangeable if I decide to use another tacho for any reason. Adamw is there any downside to using such tacho booster?
  11. Hi guys, just in the planning stages of wiring my storm into my AE86, I am wondering how to get the tacho working with an Aux out from the ECU, I am running COP ignition so have no high voltage igniter signal that is usually sent to the tacho. From what I have seen some people talk about removing the tacho and replacing a high value resistor for a lower value one, I am wondering if anybody has any specific experience and instructions for the AE86 tacho? Any help would be appreciated!
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