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  1. Oem dash doesnt display the info i want. Also the car is an LS swap and the oem guages dont work very well
  2. Thanks for the reply guys, the reason is a 2nd hand tablet is $100-200. It saves me $500+ that i can use for other important things
  3. Thanks, but im not looking to spend that kind of money, maybe one day further down the track but right now im cash strapped. So a cheap $150 tablet is what im looking at
  4. anyone have an update on what tablets are currently are good option, finding something is doing my head in lol. It would be great if someone with a tablet using the tuning cable could make a video showing what they have to do each time they start the car, i.e. do you have to turn the tablet on, then start the application, then wait 30sec for the application to sync? Just looking to get an idea of whats involved and the time it takes.
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