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    Rev hang?

    E36LS1-log to link.llgHi there, Ive attached the tune and log from today. Once the CLL is activated (above 70deg) you can see it is maxing out to 20% trim to try and reach Lambda 1. In the log you will see that the rev hang gets worse as the car hests up, below 80deg its not really an issue, above 90 is when you see it hang. At the end of the run i unpluged the Can Lambda to see if that made any difference, this made a huge difference, the car just hung at 1400rpm, it never came back down. The only other thing i changed was the time to live, it was zero and i changed this to 10sec. I wouldnt expect this to affect this idles issue though? Thanks for your help E36LS1-26-5-20.pclr Log file attached... E36LS1-log to link.llg
  2. Funkyflynz

    Rev hang?

    Hi, I recently installed a Link CAN Lambda (Link module) and can see that its working, the ECU (G4+) was set to use CLL but didnt have anything connected, anyway i can now see target AFR vs actual and it was off with the engine at normal operating temp, around 12 when idling. The fuel trim settings for CLL were stock wide band setting, i.e 15% for fuel trim and its maxing out. I changed the fuel trim limit to 25% and after about 2-3mins saw the AFR's at idle matching the target of 14.7. 25% seems excessive so went back to 15%. BTW this car have seen a number of track days prior to installing the Lambda sensor and ran like a champ. Anyways thats a bit of background in hope that it helps diagnose this rev hang issue im now having since installing the Lambda sensor... Once up to operating temp (CLL ECT lock is 80deg) the car will idle at 950-1050 nicely, but if i give it a few revs it will come back to 1450ish and hang there for 20-30secs before dropping back to 950-1050. Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks
  3. Hi, Ive recently setup the LINK CAN Lambda, the G4+ is now seeing the Lambda module and PC Link is displaying Lambda data, great :-) I would now like to get the AFR displaying on the Link AIM Strada 1.2 dash. However in the Racestudio app under ECU Stream of the 41 enabled channels (max 120) i only have "AfrTarget" and "ECU WBO2 LAM2" in relation to AFR. Im not sure where these 41 channels are set and how i can change them, any help to add my Lambda data would be great. Lee
  4. Valid, i obviously wasnt sorry. The file is available.
  5. Hi Adam, any chance you managed to get this video done?
  6. Hi, Im looking to add more than the current 40 CAN channels my Link MXS Strada 1.2 dash can see from the ECU (Link G4+ Extreme) Im assuming this configurable file would allow that but its unavaialble? Am i able to get a copy please?
  7. Nice one Adam, that's exactly what the issue was, the CAN Hi and Lo were terminated incorrectly on the short tail. Called NZEFI and they said either send it back or switch the pins, I decided to switch the pins. Now I have both the Lambda and Dash working, brilliant. Now on to the next question..... LOL Thanks Again for the reply on a Sunday night mate.
  8. Hi Adam, its the old Red Xtreme model. In the interests of keeping things neat and tidy i brought the NZEFI duel device cable. Problem is whatever i plug into the short tail (Link AIM Dash or CAN Lambda) doesn't seem to want to talk to the ECU. When either device is plugged into the long tail it seems to work. Strange.
  9. This is the same issue i am having, I'm using the NZEFI multi device cable, and whatever device in plugged into the short tail doesn't seem to talk to the ECU. Did you find a resolution?
  10. Thanks mate. What ECU do you have, does it have a 2nd CAN port? G4+ Extreme, only has a single external CAN port. Do you have any ability to do some basic custom wiring (like crimp tools to crimp a plug onto some wires) or have any contacts that can? Yes no problem on this front. Where abouts are you in NZ? Im based in New Plymouth. Thanks
  11. Hey guys, have a g4+ with the plug in can connection, im currently running a Link AIM Dash (mxs) from this connection using a 1.5m cable from NZEFI. Im now wanting to install the link Lambda kit which runs over the can bus. NZEFI have a duel device cable with one short tail amd one long tail, but im told you cant plug an extension into the short tail as this will mess up comms. This is a problem as my dash is a good 1m+ from the link ecu and the lambda sensor will also be 1.5m+ from the ecu. anyone had experience with can cable lengths to multiple devices? another option could be to buy or make an extension cable for the lambda sensor to the lambda can module, the sensor link uses is a bosh LSU 4.9 unit with An approx 300mm tail I believe. thoughts? thanks
  12. Oem dash doesnt display the info i want. Also the car is an LS swap and the oem guages dont work very well
  13. Thanks for the reply guys, the reason is a 2nd hand tablet is $100-200. It saves me $500+ that i can use for other important things
  14. Thanks, but im not looking to spend that kind of money, maybe one day further down the track but right now im cash strapped. So a cheap $150 tablet is what im looking at
  15. anyone have an update on what tablets are currently are good option, finding something is doing my head in lol. It would be great if someone with a tablet using the tuning cable could make a video showing what they have to do each time they start the car, i.e. do you have to turn the tablet on, then start the application, then wait 30sec for the application to sync? Just looking to get an idea of whats involved and the time it takes.
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