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  1. should be the same as the Bosch NTC Temp and the 1000 kPa (150PSI) Sensor as far as I know. But you can find the data here: https://www.finjector.com/eng/oil_pressure_sensor_with_temp_sensor_10_bar_bosch_0261230340-p-491371-34
  2. hmm that's bad... because often I'm driving, stop to change some of the parameters, drive again and so on. So when I take a look on my datalog at home after the driving exercise, I'm not 100% sure what I had at this time in the table.
  3. Couldn't find something like this with the search function, so here my question. Is it possible to show the dutycycle of a GP PWM output in a logfile on a link g4+ thunder? I'm using aux 2 as GP PWM with a 2D table to control my turbo precontrol solenoid on my FD RX-7. Only thing I found was A2 (status) when looking through the logfile, but that's not the right thing... A2 (status) only shows "ON" the whole time, regardless of the % dutycycle. So I don't know the dutycycle of the output when I'm looking at my datalog. Cheers Toni
  4. Hi, I'm connected via USB. So no bluetooth.
  5. got a cheap android 9 double din. so I only downloaded realdash on it and plugged the Link USB cable straight into my double din
  6. just download my files from the post above and then swap out the "<frames...>" for the "<frames>" and you are good to go. I can't explain it to you more, because it's not very easy for me to describe something complex like this 1. by text and 2. in english. But it's simple, just try to read my xml file and look at the pcl CAN settings and try to understand
  7. Found it!!! You only need to delete "<frames baseId="1520"> and only write "<frames>" in my xml file. Then it works perfectly Thanks @Adamw! Your hint was the little thing, that pointed me in the right direction. WhatsApp Video 2020-05-23 at 08.55.17.mp4
  8. Tried things out today. Doesn't work, but I don't know why. Although you don't have the dongle yet, can you please take a look over my CAN settings and my xml file? Maybe you can find out whats wrong. Realdash recognise the CAN streams, but doesn't show the readings... When I go to realdash CAN monitor and try to take a look at TPS Main (last stream, last 2 bytes). At full throttle the value is at 58883. Shouldn't it be at 1000 according to the Link CAN test calculator? I attached my PCLink CAN settings as well as my xml file. G4+ Thunder_CAN_realdash.pclr LinkECU_mehrstream.xml
  9. Any updates on this? I tried to work it out myself, but I think I'm too dumb for this
  10. hey Adam. I measured the voltages again today. You were right, first measure was with pull-up off. Now I measured it again with pull-up on, but with exactly the same voltages. It wasn't recognised by the ecu, like without the pull-up. I try to get me some diodes to test it with them.
  11. hmm the analog input trick should work as a workaround for now. with the diodes: won't there be the same problem as in the thread mentioned above? "When AC pressure switch(in series w AC button) is open due to high pressure, voltage @ pin 4V is 0v=gnd. This means that Vipec ECU does not understand that AC systempressure is to high and just keeps running the AC compressor."
  12. Just looked at the PCLink G4X Software. There it's possible to set a virtual aux AC request source. If something like this would be possible for G4+, then I would set the AC Request wire to an analog voltage input and specify the voltages to engage it. I think Haltech works similar to that. There you can set the on and off voltage for the digital inputs. Couldn't this be added to the firmware for G4+ as well?
  13. Good Morning Adam (here in Germany it's 11:30am). I measured the voltage yesterday. AC on Fan 0/same as AC off 12,1V AC on Fan 1 1,65V AC on Fan 2 2,03V AC on Fan 3 2,67V AC on Fan 4 2,67V all was measured with car not running, but charger on battery. Found this old thread: sounds like the same problem with an old ViPEC and a S7 FD RX-7. My Thunder ECU should be fairly new. I bought it last year black friday from an German Distributor.
  14. yes. I will try that on the weekend and post my results here then.
  15. Hello! I've got a problem with my Link Thunder ECU that I installed in my 93 JDM S6 FD RX-7. I made an adapter, so my Thunder is installed in the OEM loom like a Link plug-in ECU. I can't get the A/C request to work with the Thunder. The Thunder don't recognise it, when I press the A/C button. I saw, that there was some kind of similar problem with some plug-in ecus. What can I do to make my A/C work? Cheers, Toni
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