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  1. The factory Neo uses a MAF sensor. It does not have a MAP sensor. Use the on-board plug&play ecu MAP sensor.
  2. I have no idle control valve on my RB26 ITB engine. Need to implement an idle ignition control 3D table with ECT on the Y axis. Works for me.
  3. Pin#26 is a sensor ground
  4. I have an R32 GTR I am setting up and when I upload either the base map, or another modelled fuel map I have from my other GTR and select "store to ECU" the fuel equation mode goes missing. My VE table and other tables upload fine but the fuel setup page is missing sections. Any help here? It does it even with a base map. See picture of base map before and after storing to ECU
  5. Jefferson.C

    Open Loop Mode

    Knock ears and lots of plug reading I guess? o2 sensors for AFR monitoring is a fundamental for building a correct tune. Or like the old school drag guys would do, keep jetting up until the MPH starts to decrease. Same goes for timing but the use of home built knock head phones would be a great tool.
  6. More then you think. Looks like you're located in BC Canada? Get in contact with Independent Speed Shop, Bill can help you.
  7. Have you taken a shot in the dark and tried multiple trigger offset values? Worth a try if you haven't already.
  8. Can you trigger scope around that area? What does your trigger setup page look like? I have used a few of these discs on RBs without problems. Could be the optical sensor is getting weak.
  9. You will be starting from scratch. First off you want to choose either modelled, or modelled - multi-fuel. For flex you would want multi-fuel The fuel main setup is very important. You want to enter your base fuel pressure value whatever your actual fuel rail pressure is. (vacuum source to regulator disconnected and adjusted) The more injector information, the better. ie - short pulse width adder table, dead times, etc. Be sure your injector rated fuel pressure is the correct value for the supplied short pulse width and dead time data. (those values change with different base fuel pressures) Usually warm up enrichment is set to "0" when you have your charge temp aprox. table setup correctly. Be sure your multi fuel setup information is correct for the fuel you will be using. Other then those basics, you will be starting from scratch on the VE table.
  10. Your injector information seems a little off from the spec sheets I have from ID. I have always used 0.2050 Min effective pulse width. ID1050x_Link_G4 _09072018.xlsx
  11. Answered my question by getting some street run time in tonight. Sorry for the board clutter.
  12. Jefferson.C

    Injector Timing

    This is the INJ table on the new firmware R32-34 GTR map. Now, lets say you are using an RB25 cylinder head with RB26 ITB setup. The VCT is not variable and just ON/OFF with selective RPM points. If I were to explore the outcome of adjusting the table, would you recommend leaving the Y axis MAP?
  13. Jefferson.C

    Injector Timing

    Seeing as this topic has been brought back, what would be the preferred Y axis setup in your injector timing table? Let's say for a boosted engine application running ITB setup? MAP or TP?
  14. I have another CAS I'm getting tomorrow just to rule that out. I was going to try and turn the idle ign control OFF and put the IAC into test mode (so it's fully open) to rule out another sticking valve. GTRMay3.pclr
  15. This is a GTR RB26 I am working on. I seem to be having intermittent poor running conditions moments after cold start up and during the warm up. I have replaced the o2 sensor just to be sure and even turned off closed loop o2 while it's running poorly but makes no difference. Some days the start-up and warm up is right on my RPM target and gives me no problems. Other days however are not correct. I have changed my IAC valve to rule out a sticking valve but with no difference. I was lucky enough today to get a quick log of it's condition. See log 1 of a colder start and poor running condition. RPM's under target and after some slight rev's the RPMs drop significantly after closing the throttle. I do hold the throttle open a little at spots to keep it from idling too low for a cold engine. Log 2 showing after a few restarts and warmer ECT's it hold target RPMs and does not drop after slight revs. may3.llg may3warm.llg
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