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  1. Richard, that was spot on, I have just wired it up and now receiving data on my Dash. Many thanks
  2. Hi All, I have been searching for a little while for the answer but with no joy. I have a plug n play G4+ and want to connect to a race technology Dash2 Pro via the Can port. I have connected a CANPCB cable to the CAN1 port on the ecu I have a CANF plug that I will be attaching 2 wires, CANH & CANL to pins 3 & 4 this will connect to the CANPCB On the Dash side of things, I have a CAN connector that only has 2 wires coming off marked CAN H & CAN L So my question is: are there only 2 wires that physically connect the two devices together by the Can H & CAN L connections or do I need to add a ground and voltage in as well, if so where? Thanks in advance
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