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  1. Hello, sorry to bring this up again. the pinout on the can end is the same on the newer ecus?
  2. hello, quick update. we got a new fury and when we plugged in the result was the same. smooth running up to 3200 rpm then engine cutting. we modified the filtering on the trigger from level 2 to level 1 and the cutting moves from 3200 to 4500 rpm. we were out of ideas and bit depressed but the weekend was just around the corner. We start the new week with fresh brain and body: after a brain storming we tried to machine down the plate of crank sensor to get it closer to the flywheel. issue sorted!!!!!!!!!!! now we got full rpm range, clear trigger scope till the engine is warm, once its hot the scope start to be unclear so we grind down more the crank sensor.
  3. We have the VQ35DE, same engine of the Maxima 2016 onwards.
  4. this scope is for the old vq35. the new one is what i sent previously. yes, i was on a live chat with Simon and the ecu it might have a burnt track inside so we are sending the ecu to NZ to be inspected and lets see.
  5. this is how we wired the e-throttle
  6. here attached the log Car11_log_08-05-2019.llg
  7. yes we have made a new wiring lo om. another issue we just figured out is that when we unplug the vvt solenoids we dont have power on the ecu. attached you find the map file, ill post the log in few mins Car11_08052019.pclr
  8. we have a 2016 vq35de installed on our car with a G4+ Fury ecu. the engine starts and works fine on idle and till 3200 rpm. at 3200 rpm the engine start to cut and we are getting triggers errors. we checked the timing and its spot on. we did a screen recording while running the engine and make the issue happen and its attached, same with trigger scope. any help would be appreciate. TIA car 11 engine cutting.mp4
  9. is there any fail safe on a g4+ fury in case the polarity get inverted?
  10. Hi, i would link to know how and if you get the ecu connected.
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