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  1. Hi trent, if you don't can you share how do you wire up your solenoid to Link and share your setup in link
  2. Thanks adamw. i'll follow the evo 3 OEM pinout which knock input in on pin 58. since i'm using this ecu on daihatsu.
  3. Hi @Adamw, Is this also apply to Evo 1-3 Plugin? Can your also share me the info. Tried wiring up knock thru ANVolt but did't work. Thanks
  4. I'm using the same idle valve together with 1zz throttle body on my daihatsu K3-VET. it runs with no issue. My Wiring is ; 1) RSO (1) to Link AUX 2) B ( Battery 12V Switched/Ign) 3) RSC (3) GND Here is my idle table DC
  5. Hi all, Im just wondering what are the Calibration table that i should use for the AC Evap temp sensor. Mine does have variable resistance in series with the evap temp sensor from the factory configuration to allow AC temp control. i tried using bosch std calibration in the PC Link but i found out it was not too accurate as, my AC keep on engage and disengage too frequently even i set the controller at the highest temperature setting. Just for info my car using Denso 077500-0710 thermistor for AC Evap Temp Sensor. thanks
  6. Ok now i get it why IGN4 didn’t work when i wired up Neutral/Park switch to DI3. Already removed it and things is normal now. But will consider to run wasted spark. Thanks adam. Is it possible for you to email me the schematic diagram for plug in Evo1-3 so that i can know how the hardware is connected and take into account in my wiring.
  7. I’m using the plugin evo 3 on my Daihatsu K3-vet. Everything sort out already. Found that my coil is dead. Changed it and engine is back to normal. But @Adamw, are u saying i can’t use IGN 3 and IGN 4 to sequential for Ignition due to hardware configuration?
  8. Hi there, Im using Link G4+ Plugin Evo 1-3. It has already tuned and engine has been running well for the past 2 weeks. However, this morning my battery died and i changed to new battery. After starting, engine run abnormal and after checking there is no output from Ignition 4. I run the test using the Ignition function. Please assist on what is the issue and if i can temporarily use Ign 5 to for Ign 4. Thanks
  9. For the moment the engine is running just fine without any trigger error. Will try to capture at higher RPM just to see what it will looks like. Thanks adam.
  10. @Adamw is it normal for the cam waveform to look like that. The first tooth amplitude is shorter than no 2 & 3
  11. A quick update. I have managed to installed and start the engine using 2NZ VVTi trigger setup..Here is a snapshot from the trigger scope. This one really helped me out to get the auto transmission to shift properly as i did a piggyback style installation.
  12. Yes adam i did click the Capture button. For the sensor i believe the connection is correct right? For trigger i will try to use the Subaru EJ20 quad AVCS trigger mode. Noted on this. Thanks adam. Just to double confirm on trigger setup. Below is my trigger wheel pattern. I believe it is 36 with 2 missing tooth. Isn't it the same with Toyota 2NZ?
  13. Hi there, i'm having trouble to get my engine start up. When i look into trigger scope, i think it is not as what it should be. Here is the screenshot of the trigger. My engine details and ecu type : Daithatsu K3-VET Trigger pattern 36-2 on crank 3 on camshaft Using Link G4+ Evo 3 Plug in. Trigger 1 is connected to crankshaft sensor, while trigger 2 is connected to cam sensor. Both are Variable Reluctance type sensor. Below is the diagram of my original ECU. I did my wiring as such that i connected N1+ (Crank Sensor) to pin 69 (Trig 1) on Link, N2+ (Cam Sensor) to pin 68 (Trig 2) on Link and both N1- and N2- to sensor ground on pin 72 on Link. Need help on this. Is there any mistake i make on wiring or there is any other problem. I use Toyota 2NZ-FE in trigger setup. My second question is, can i use RS232 on Link ECU to send data to my Transmission Control Unit since my ECU did use serial comm to comm betweem ECU and TCU using GND, RX & TX. Thanks!
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