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  1. Yeahdoug

    CLL for WOT only

    It appears our CLL Auto Mode doesn't have that option. We run the Fury G4+ When I open an extreme sample file it's there. Thanks though.
  2. Yeahdoug

    CLL for WOT only

    Yes we have auto mode. How can it be done? I see RPM < and > lock out, but only > lockout for TPS and MAP. I need a < lockout for TPS or MAP. Thanks,
  3. Yeahdoug

    CLL for WOT only

    I know that most want the opposite, but is there a way I can run CLL at wot only. We have a high hp/high boost CVT application and because of the variable ratio we can get lean spots as the clutches shift out. I was thinking of trying to tune them out with CLL. I can't really use transient fuel because there is no throttle movement and the rpm stays the same. I was thinking about work arounds... does the target afr table extrapolate the first and last x-axis values? If I start the first row at 20 psi, does it extrapolate lower or turn off CLL below that value? Any other ideas are welcome too. Thanks!
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