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  1. thanks Adam !!!!!!! You the best!!360 degree offset helped to start engine. the engine unstable during TP press, and become rich with rpm rise. Need to work with my idle and warming modes, where i must looking for? how does wide band AFR in closed loop mode affects on idle mode? Here is a log during a first successful start. first start.llg
  2. just analyzed the logs, and saw a couple problems 1. something wrong with fuel pressure calibration (AEM)# 2. problems with AFR wideband calibration (Aem uego) 3. the voltage during cranking drops over 10V I have add a new map 915191161_4G63t05_05.2019B____corected cali tables AFR+PSI.pclr with correct calibration charts, please check
  3. Thanks for your answer and help. I was mistaken when sent map to you with staged mode. The map in the ecu was in the same mode as yours - without staged. Anyway i applied your map to the ecu. The engine is still not running only have some big bangs in the exhaust. I have tried to switch off ECU power hold but no any changes (ecu hold off log). I made a logs of all engine cranking, maybe you can figure out some problems. the ign4 is connected to pin 32. PIn 34 was connected to the ecu plug, i disconnected it, but result the same (pin removed log) . Also i have a success with trigger scope (see image) For my opinion i have some troubles with firing timing, the fuel goes to the header and fired there simultaneously. Will be thankful for any future help 06052019.pclr Log 2019-05-6 6;22;55 ecu hold power off pm.llg Log 2019-05-6 6;19;00 pm.llg Log 2019-05-6 6;16;10 pm.llg Log 2019-05-6 6;15;17 pm.llg Log 2019-05-6 6;34;19 last pm.llg Log 2019-05-6 6;32;12 34pin removed plus no AFR pm.llg Log 2019-05-6 6;25;28 pm.llg
  4. Hi to everybody! Im a new Plug in Link ECU user and try to figure out how to make it works on my Evo8. For the beginning i took a base map for G+Evo 4-8 and tried to configure it. Im use direct spark (rewired the coils from Audi 1.8tsi) and sequential/modelled fuel settings. The injectors are ID1000 and seems that all necessary settings i added to the map. The tests for the coils and the injectors are passed - everything is working. Fuel pressure 43.5psi (AEM Sensor). AEM wideband is connected and calibrated. The main questions for me what to do with Triggers (cam and crank)? how to configure them. It seems that something wrong with trigger adjusting. What correct type of sensor choose for the crank (hall or reluctor) and the cam/ How to synchronize them? The engine is cranking but not starts, the RPM readings is about 176 RPM. A couple of times AFR read very rich AFR like 8 and fired in the header. When i disconnected cam sensor the engine become sounds like it will start soon but without success. Im trying to triggerscope the readings from the cam and crank but got almost nothing (see logs) In right status window all parameters are green except Trig1-2 Arming Please need help) Maybe somebody can make some settings in my map that helps to start engine or give me the right direction to resolve the problem. Thanks!! 4G63t 05.05.2019.pclr 1.llg Trigger Scope Log 2019-05-5 5;48;42 pm.llg Trigger Scope Log 2019-05-5 6;29;45 pm.llg
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