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  1. Thank you, very helpful.
  2. Thank you! Is the GND of RS232 and GND of the expansion connector common? How many mA can be supplied to + 5V of the expansion connector? I'm thinking of running RS232 devices with the + 5V expansion connector.
  3. Can I connect PC-Link to RS232c? If possible, how is exclusive use with USB performed? What kind of connection is made inside the ECU? We plan to use RS232c and USB as needed.
  4. I regret that this is the case. Thank you very much.
  5. 2003 model, partly improved. Thank you in advance.
  6. The problem with the ALTEZZA(SXE10) fuel gauge is not solved. I made modeling and CAN settings, but the fuel gauge is not displayed correctly. Is there any other problem? Toyota Altezza SXE10 Rev106 20190820 F.pclr
  7. Thank you for answering. What I am looking for is the 340cc normal injector information. The initial data is traditional and there is no injector information. The base map of PCLink is different from the normal 340cc because it is a 1000cc injection. Also, there is no fuel pressure information. Please let me know if you know.
  8. Injection of SXE 10 (3S-GE) I am looking for setting information of [Injector Invalid Injection Time Table] and [Inj Short Pulse Width Addition Table].
  9. Hiromi

    Tuning base map

    OK, thank you!
  10. Hiromi

    Tuning base map

    I understand that there are many changes to get started. Currently, the fuel injection mode is set to Traditional, but is modeling better? Also, if the failure of fuel gauge can be changed to modeling, will it be cured?
  11. Hiromi

    Tuning base map

    Thank you for your answer. I think that the base map of PCLink can not be started because the injection is 1000cc. In addition, the product base map could not be started due to an abnormal correction value. I am looking for a normal and proven basemap.
  12. Hiromi

    Tuning base map

    I'm looking for a PCLink ECU config file that offers the best high performance in full normal alteza. # TALT +
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