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  1. Javisupra

    help to start

    I have no air leaks, water temperature sensor, always marks 90 degrees, I think that for that reason I can not regulate cold revolutions correct cables, correct sensor, I have a ground signal, but I have no t1 signal
  2. Javisupra

    help to start

    The car starts. I performed coil test with new spark plug and everything ok, my 6 old spark plugs were wrong. Now at first start the engine is very high rpm
  3. Javisupra

    help to start

    la luz se trajo el martes, no la tengo. Puse gasolina en el mapa base de supra. He bajado un 46%. Ahora pongo el mapa original. inyectores originales de 440cc ahora 840cc. it's frustrating. He doesn't even attempt to boot. I put spray starter. Do not try to start the car. I don't know what I'm doing wrong Registro 2019-09-7 7; 52; 31 pm.llg javisupra.pclr javisupra.pclr Log 2019-09-7 7; 52; 31 pm.llg
  4. Javisupra

    help to start

    Hi. The car does not start. test coils and injectors correct. correct wiring It is a 2jz. missing spark coil configuration. multi-point group injectors. when I try to start the fuel pump indicator to be off. It changes to active in green. no injector no coil indicates active in green. Is this wrong or correct?
  5. Javisupra

    help to start

    Hi Adamw. It was in direct spark. The order is correct. in the log I have no AFR signal. If I don't have an AFR signal, can it not start? Thank you very much for your patience with an inexperienced
  6. Javisupra

    help to start

    This is the new one, now I have to look because I have run out of gas pressure. I hope it starts Log 2019-09-7 1;28;04 pm.llg
  7. Javisupra

    help to start

    thank you very much for your quick response
  8. Javisupra

    help to start

    Necesito arrancar Necesito seguir afinando, hago una prueba, tengo una chispa y los inyectores son correctos. enlace ecu tormenta azul, motor 2jz, inyectores de alta impedancia 840ccI. Coil ls1 No puedo grabar más, estoy cargando la batería. no mas datos javisupra.pclr Log 2019-09-7 11; 14; 47 am.llg
  9. yes, I will try, but they gave me another connection setup
  10. Primero lo siento, uso traductor. Estoy montando g4 tormenta azul. en jza80. Todas las pruebas están bien, excepto las bobinas, no tengo chispa. Yo uso bobinas inteligentes R8. Tengo una señal constante en la señal de las 6 bobinas. No sé si es una mala configuración. o ecu roto. comprar ecu de otra persona (hace más de un año)
  11. Javisupra

    wiring jza80

    Hi friends. First sorry I do not speak English and I use Google translator. I have supra jza80 and I'm going to ride a blue storm. I read a lot in the forum, but I can not find the correct wiring information. to be able to connect correctly. I realized that the correct one was the extreme ecu. but I can not change anymore and I have to install the blue ecu storm.Can you give me some links to connect the wiring correctly? my car supra jza80 (jdm) single turbo, injectors 880 high impedance. please help me
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