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  1. hi everyone I'm a gtr owner from the south of the uk, the car is running around 570 at the hubs on a stroked out 2.8 engine which is pretty lively plenty for the roads that's for sure anyway, i have recently removed my cam angle sensor which apparently means i need to reset the timing and sync the timing with the ecu - correct? i don't have the link software or any knowledge of the update of my ecu, all i know is its a g4+. so should i just download the latest version and follow the instructions? im kind of on my own with this one if im honest, my tuner is miles away and obviously im not risking my expensive engine. saying that iv set timing up on "normal cars" before its just the ecu thats new to me. i just thought id add i own a MacBook and i have nowhere near enough space to run windows alongside the mac operation system so im having to buy a low budget laptop my last question is i also don't know the base timing setting! i presume the ecu will have the original setting stored which i can copy/replicate. thanks for any help i really appreciate it!
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