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  1. Hello, Adam I have a question! what would happen if I did a tps calibration and the ecu is password protected and if the ecu is not password protected and I did a tps calibration without pressing ctrl+s will the tps work or not ?!
  2. Or maybe a dead battery I will change the battery first and see, but the TPS is new I just bought it!
  3. I don’t have an idle valve , and no it’s not
  4. Log 2019-10-1 10;14;21 pm.llg Log 2019-10-1 10;43;30 pm.llg KhaledAbdurhman.pclr this is two logs and a copy from my tune but the ecu it self is locked with a password , my tuner locked the ecu.
  5. Hello guys, i have problem with my tps when I changed my throttle and I have set the tps sensor again, it reads before I start the car but when I start it, the tps doesn’t work and doesn’t read , it starts only when I put my foot to the gas , when I take it off the car dies , and I don’t know why , please help me
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