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  1. before installing the new ecu, everything worked. now I honestly haven't tried to connect the ecu oem again. Is it possible to add a line that can connect the bus in case my car doesn't have the second Can? If I'm not mistaken the TT of 99 has 1 can + 1 line k. I also tried a golf course with Gti that surely doesn't have 2 canbuses but it just doesn't work.
  2. ok! than its all correct setting. But... on the Can SETUP> Mode > i see only can 1
  3. on my g4 i can see only CAN 1. CAN2 bullet don’t show me. Why? I have g4 and not g4+
  4. what is the right procedure to set can 2?
  5. Hi Simon, can 1 its ok. See runtime value image.
  6. I will do the verification and let you know if it has the can line. It seems to me that it has a Can first version, then since 2000 they have installed a new can. We assume that it does not have the can line, is it possible to solve the problem?
  7. hi simon, Can you be more precise? I think I didn't understand correctly thanks
  8. Hi Scott, On my AUDI TT year 99 with G4TT i have a big problem. ABS & ASR LIGHT ALWAYS ON. I try to set VW GOLF GTI CAN BUS setting but without any positive effect. Can you help me to try to resolve this issue? I know that TT '99 have different canbus from '00, but i think that exist a solution. I have canbus scanner and all hardware for follow your help. Thanks a lot.
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