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  1. @Adamw or @Simon are you able to help me with a detailed pinout for R33/R34 link specific plugs? Would be super dooper helpful and really awesome! I can get a pin out of the R34 one from the service manual, however the R33 eludes me a little bit.I can find wiring diagrams, but that requires a fair bit more stuffing around! Cheers guys!
  2. Hey guys! Just a quick one - im looking to see if the instruction pin out is just a basic low down of the pin out or this is every single pin that is used by the link ECU. There's a few grounds and what not that aren't used by the link in the instructions (Going by an R34 GTT or GTR) such as Sensor ground or Injector ground (Which from what I understand is a dedicated ground wire for the ECU's injector channels or sensors etc) Are the links just a more basic wiring ie does this all internally? or do these need to be wired up and it's just listed the inputs and outputs as a basic trouble shooting docco? Thanks guys! I'm actually wiring a patch loom to use my R33 GTST Link G4 in my R34 GTT Skyline and just wanted to know if the wiring diagram was definitive or if there was a few extras needed.
  3. Title says it all. I'm looking at second hand older G4's at the moment and wanted to have a bit of a deeper look in the instruction manuals. Thanks heaps!
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