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  1. Hi Peter, I have been using the new setup now for about a week. so far there is only one issue that I noticed with the open element sensor. That is Heat soak. I find that on a hot 29C day, the heat soak causes the car to not idle. I have since adjusted the base idle to slightly higher but the minute you drive, the issue went away. I have not logged any data yet as we have distracted driving law and if the cops sees a laptop running in the passanger seat, its a $250.00 fine. I do have a AEM X series wideband gauge that sends CAN info to the link for closed loop operation. I also have the stock narrow band O2 removed. judging from the readings, the open air element is working out really well. Cheers.
  2. I have a ST185 and since the Link ECU is installed, everything works great and I have deleted the Cold start Injector. There is now a hole that I can put an Audi Bosch open type element in there that will catch the air stream coming in. In ST205, they probably got rid of the cold start but I am sure you can drill a small hole and tap a 6mm threaded hole that can expose an open element temp sensor from Audi A4 or VW vehicle. Nice thing is that sensor is listed on the software to use. Cheers
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