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  1. I put the parameters you advised and it's work pretty well. I test approximately 10 cranking and it starts directly every time. Thanks @Adamw @Simon
  2. after reversed polarity of trigger1 (capture attached ) , en set tigger2 sync to 'cam level' , engine run like before. sync still does not work. for VVT , i configured tooth off set with cam angle test and now work good. sync mode can work only when you have only one tooth may be ? you can confirme sync it's 'ECCS sync' on runtime value?
  3. Ok, thanks i will try reverse polarity and test on cam level mode.
  4. Hi, i have a problem for make sync with trigger2 wheel on cam. That result to not start directely on first cranking but on second it's run. this a inlet cam on VVT , 3 tooth with different off set ( i can not ajust too ), can a use them for make a sync and vvt position ? i'm totaly loss spec : ECU Xtreme G4+ Engine : peugeot 260 rc , EW10j4S , mount on sequential direct spark. trigger scope attached thanks for help. 206alex.pclr
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