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  1. Use a hosting plateform like Google Drive and post the link
  2. you need to change injector dead times first. then if you have modelled fuel equation, change injector capacity to 750cc, if you have the classic equation then change master fuel value to about half of what you have. that's a good starting point
  3. dx4picco

    Sensors to Link

    grounds for these should be on the sensor ground pin on the ecu. not on the chassis. The Zada Tech oiltemp doesn't have outputs. its only a display
  4. dx4picco

    analog inputs

    it depends on what kind of input you plug your sensor in. if it is a regular analog 0-5v input you need to build your own pull up system and fill your cal table with volts. if it is a temp imput with integrated pullup you should be able to put ohms in the table.
  5. dx4picco

    Idle control

    there are idle solenoid valve that needs only one aux output yes. But if you have e-throttle you have the idle control available without extra hardware needed.
  6. dx4picco

    Iat Inquiry

    Are you running modelled fuel equation or classic? If modelled ist used IAT compensation is already integrated in the calculation and theoretically not needed to add extra compensation.
  7. I finally tested it this last week, works wonders.
  8. Depending on your engine capacity I did use a 0280140559 bosch one with one wire on atom ecu and worked great
  9. Quick question, I remember seeing this thread where the ppart number of the 5 pin white connector was given for the canpcb cable that plugs onto the ecu, but I can't seems to put my hand on it. Would you mind giving it again? edit: found it.
  10. I totally agree with your statement and did not understand your first request that way. Boost by pedal + closed loop boost control will for sure bring you your result. I have a similar result that what you looking for with linear WG duty according to tps. Output is pretty linear and repeatable. Even though it may not bring the same manifold pressure at different rpms (you may need different pedal to tps tables)
  11. I mean with a 10psi spring and wide open throttle blade, if you are in the Region where your Turbo can spool you will not be able to target less than these 10psi. How ever you may be able to target 10 or above. You may use a 4 port solenoid and very soft spring to come closer to what you want. Even though I'm not sure about why you would want to do that
  12. Shoot, I just bought a px3 150psi :x
  13. The pressure sensors I know are 0.5-4.5V and not 0-5v. I don't know the omni particularly but I suspect it would be the same. try and rescale 0.5-4.5 for 0-400kpa
  14. you need to use an external host like google drive or others
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