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  1. If the value shown by the gauge itself is richer and not in line with the dyno, then it has nothing to do with earth connexion issue. If the gauge itself shows same as dyno lambda but the ECU lambda value doesn't, then it can be a connexion issue or a calibration issue like Adam stated
  2. dx4picco

    Adjusting idle rpm

    If you run closed loop idle then up the Target to your desired level and if your idle was correctly tuned before, you will need to increase the base opening of either your ICV or your e-throttle. It depends on your setup. For Adam to give the best help possible you will need to post both your tune and a log of the current idle situation
  3. dx4picco

    Forum HTTPS

    I'm getting this icon issue for the longest time too
  4. You can export table and import too, so when you setup your tables so you don't need to setup each axis from trim tables
  5. I took a look, I would guess that it may be a fuel tune Issue. the map doesn't look very clean and, it can be very possible that bein N/A engine, you get a resonance at this RPM, giving a lean spot and leading to missfire. I can see that at 4200 rpm there is always a lean spike (due to missfire, or giving a missfire, can't really know). I would suggest disabling close loop fueling and taking some more time tuning the fuel map.
  6. Only the Link Thunder has the amplifier needed for EGT sensor. Meaning for any other ecu you need a "controller" like you said, that gives either 0-5v signal to the ecu, or one that give the info over CAN bus
  7. I believe that the beauty of the can lambda is that this correction is made automaticaly as long as you have a sensor that has the exhaust pressure function. The can directly sends it to the can lambda and correction is made
  8. putting 0 is the same as de-activating/disable an output.
  9. you can make a multiple boost table, and the second or trhird table would be activated by a DI of your choice, and you put only 0 in it. so you run only on wastegate spring
  10. GP rpm limit Configure it similarly the the example available in the Help file for oil pressure, but replace the axis with your EGT and the threshold you want
  11. dx4picco

    Random questions

    Thanks for all the infos!
  12. dx4picco

    Random questions

    What would be a late model non avcs cam gear? What is the difference with the classic ones?
  13. dx4picco

    Random questions

    I have seen that later subaru's crank pulleys with more teeth than the classics use the same crank angle sensor, which means it should be plug and play. Is this of any use other than more precise timing gestion, on an engine without avcs?
  14. On G4X, it is different than G4+, you must go on a function and then assign a pin/port. If you want your analog volt 3 to be your TPSn then go to function TPS and assign it to AN Volt 3 for example the tables you show is only an overview, that's why you cannot change them.
  15. something like this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zx7ht_CLOIUl183k4KQXOEbRc15e_Uyf/view?usp=sharing you will need to calibrate both the DI1 and the gears
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