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  1. Yeah MGP is my relative manifold pressure relative to atmospehric. It makes it a bit easier to read during short glance than absolute MAP itself. And then factor 100 to get a reading coresponding to a bar unit, thing that I am used to read like on any other boost gauge
  2. Alright. And at what angle did you lock the ignition?
  3. What kind of timming light do you use ? There are some that have a built in advance that allows to show 0 at 10° for engine with only tdc marking. When you say you have exactly 0° on the crank pulley, what was the igntition advance used by the ecu ? Hard to put pieces together with these info. Do you have different angles marked on the pulley or only tdc marking ?
  4. Hey, So i'm building the adapter harness between V5 harness and v4 ecu. Is it possible to get detailed ecu pinout from the link ecu v4 and v6? I mean there are already some clues in the plugin installation manual, but its lacking some pins like the different grounds, cam and crank signals...
  5. you need to host on external support once you reach your maximum personnal limit
  6. Its here! Is there by any change a way to display both AFR and Lambda on the pc link? I am aware of the units thing, how to swap from lambda to afr. I like to tune in lambda values, but I would like to have the gauge showing AFR while the app unit is lambda for the rest. In the picture I was in AFR for the whole app. In the end I would like to have the pc link in lambda and only this dial gauge in afr.
  7. As far as I understand, CL fueling is not a learning thing. Changes are made on the point, that you can follow with the real time value of fuel trim, but even if you come back in the same cell 5 minutes later, its gonna make the adjustment according to the AFR it reads 5 minutes later.
  8. I ordered both. Thanks for the infos!
  9. Idle igntion control made that. it went over the 1600rpm threshold on its own and then went from the 14° idle to 20 something of main ignition map. I made a cold start again and did get a good lambda curve this time. I did check for electrical gremlins but didn't find any bad contacts there.
  10. So firmware updated. Tested the ICV with aux2 and some noise did come out. I don't know in what extent that proves that it work, because I tried again afterwards to change de duty and the rpm din't really change. What should be the wiring of such ICV? + on fixed 14V and - on Aux 2? or Aux2 on + and - to gound (if yes chassis ground? ecu ground?).
  11. for that price I may also pull the trigger on this! What kind of OTG cable do you use? thx for the feedback
  12. Thank you for your heads up. My friend bought this ecu a while back got it tuned by someone who didn't know really link ecu and didn't run that great. After I tuned my subaru on link and learnt the plateform, he asked me to retune his car. I was not aware that his SW version was that old. I started back from scratch and used modelled fuel as well as tps based (was traditional + map, with his big cam and MAP directly on plenum, signal was pretty bad). I'm trying slowing to get a hand on his engine. The wideband is a Zeitronic, regular gauge + 0-5V signal. I would trust it and checked for exhaust leaks around the 02 sensor. I was also surpised to see it run with such a high lambda, even more on this very sensitive engine. For the subject of the IACV, when I compare how crisp are the changes on my Ver4 subaru engine even 0.4% duty, and how not responsive is his IACV, I may tend more and more to think something is going on with it. I did not run a test mode as you mentioned. need to try that.
  13. I'm seeing a wierd behaviour that I have a hard time to explain. After a cold start, post start enrichment does its job and decreases as supposed to. but then the car runs lean. At one point it stalls by itself. I restart and then it runs to the lamda 0.9 it should for the 60+ ect in modelled mode. How come such a difference with no changes? running lean at 1.2, then stall, restart and gives the awaited 0.9. Someone to shed light on this? Because of this I can't say yet if the 200hz made it better. M20alphanV2.pclr Teste V2 départ froid.llg
  14. Hi, a friend on mine is running an ATOM G4+ on his bmw M20 engine. He put a VW ISCV from a vr6 (solenoid type, two poles on the plug, ref 0280140559), wired on aux2 output. I can't get the idle tuned finely, the idle control vavle doesn't feels right. How do you define a good control frequency of the ISCV? I've read ranges from 30Hz to 300Hz for different iscv. How should I proceed to find what frequency is the best for this one? I didn't find any data about these. Thanks!
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