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  1. Thank you for the answer.
  2. Great thank you for the confirmation. If enough input and output are freed up, is quad avcs possible too on that ecu, or is only intake possible (assuming engine comes from v10 car) ? Have a nice day
  3. Hello dear Link comunity, I own a 1998 (v4) sti type R on which I am looking for a tunable ecu. The link WRX4+ seems to be the indicated ecu to start with. However I have a question regarding avcs control. I am aware that the ej20k in the car has no variable cams timimg, but I planed to swap it for a more recent jdm engine that has avcs. Reading product description here (dealers.linkecu.com/WRX4Plus) It seems the ecu has this option : "Variable Valve Timing (where applicable) Up to 4 channel independent Precision Closed Loop Control 3D Tables with configurable X and Y axis controls Preset or Custom Configuration Supported Engines - 1UZFE VVTi; Subaru AVCS" My question is : is it possible to control avcs with this ecu, and if yes what would be the steps to follow ? Xs loom ? Soldering on the ecu to get the inputs and outputs required ? Directly through pins of the 3 ecu plugs ? Thanks ! Best regards
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