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  1. Thanks This is open loop on the icv and the ignition timing. It only started after the customer did some wiring in the bay. it only did it twice then went back to normal.
  2. Thanks With the step at 0 it struggled to start, now set at 25 tapering down to 18 when hot. This solved the issue for a few days. Now on the first cold start of the day the idle sticks 1000rpm above my open loop target throughout the whole warmup, a key cycle cures the problem.
  3. This is a Plug in ECU. Here is a log of a fully warmed up startup. Log 2019-07-11 12;24;56 pm.llg
  4. The car arrived with increasing numbers in the base position table at higher temperatures, a bigger number makes a lower idle. I have never had a car where bigger numbers made lower idle but i'm not familiar with stepper motors, most things I tune have pwm valves or nothing at all. This seemed wrong to me, but the help file says, "If you find that increasing the number in the idle base position table causes the idle to increase then the stepper motor is wired in reverse"
  5. I tried a lower number first and it made the problem worse. I will test again.
  6. Stepper is working correctly, higher numbers make lower idle rpms. I have the cranking steps number as high as possible (100) but the engine still revs too high each time it starts.
  7. I get 0.4 ohms Thanks for your help, I will fit a set of coils with built in ignitors.
  8. Do you have any information on the wiring of this Bosch coil?
  9. That is what this car is doing, it runs but very badly.
  10. So it's actually possible to get a spark out of the coil even though it doesn't have a built in ignitor? I'm not 100% sure, I didn't build or wire this one, it just came in for tuning. I hate it when they arrive on a tow truck! Just wired in a R8 coil I had laying about for testing and the spark is very strong.
  11. Hi I have a car in for tuning that runs very badly, at first I thought it was a trigger issue due to the cam and crank signals being at the same time. While swapping trigger edge for the cam I noticed the spark is so weak that I cannot get my timing light to trigger. Coils are BOSCH 0221504006. Testing the coil outputs in the software I have sparks that will barely jump a 2/3mm gap, Is this normal for the test mode or should I see full power?
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