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  1. Great! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
  2. Hi all, preparing my 1990 300zx twinturbo for install of a G4x plug/play ECU and Link MXG 7" Strada display. The car has a two wire VSS that outputs an AC sign wave signal from the VSS to the factory cluster, then the cluster converts the signal to a digital speed signal that is outputted to the ECU via a single wire. Since I'm ditching the factory cluster for a driver display how would I go about getting a VSS signal to the Link G4x ECU? I assume the Link ECU will be looking for a single wire sending a digital signal like in the stock configuration? I've searched around but haven't really found much about this issue. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  3. Thank you both for the excellent advice. BeallJK I am in Las Vegas, NV and registered as a classic vehicle. I carefully removed my OEM maf and o2 harnesses removing the pin's at the ECU connector so, they could be re-installed if ever needed. Recommendation on ideal placement of the GM IAT sensor? Thanks again,
  4. Hello all, After exhaustive research I am planning on a Link G4+ ECU for my 1990 Nissan 300ZX twinturbo. I have a few simple questions to start: I have a Innovative Motorsport DLG-1 dual wide band gauge and LC-2 controller already installed in my car. Through research I understand how to interface with the G4+ (yellow analog wire). Is there any reason at all to keep the factory narrow band 02 sensors with the G4+? Can I eliminate them? I will be using the G4+ built in MAP sensor. The 300ZX didn't have a factory IAT sensor until 1996. I assume I should also install an IAT sensor? Is it recommended to upgrade the factory knock sensor or, is it sufficient? If so what do you all recommend? Thank you.
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