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  1. Thanks for the heads up regarding the idle control valve. I'll hold off until we're a little more sure. No wideband. The rising and falling idle at warm start occurs few and far between. I was thinking I want to see how these few adjustments go before adjusting idle any further. Do I need to retune the idle even though the idle is good.. This only occurs on the 1-off and I can usually just shut it down and restart? I'll give it a few days and see if I can replicate the issue.
  2. I nearly ordered a new one this morning but thought I'd see how the upper engine cleaner went. I accidently turned off the laptop on the drive northside so only have the return trip data. Log from this afternoon: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah20vN2_b-_wiNwVFQLauIvBOI0fuw?e=9SPo7i Cold start, idle and warm start were all good. I'll go ahead and order the IACV as it all seems to be pointing toward that being the issue. I found one in Perth from online supplier Auto Sensors for $60. (not sure if that's too cheap as guys from other forums have said they were 300 and up) Also, to clean the stepper motor, I warmed the engine then turned it off. Removed the unit and sprayed upper engine cleaner into the base of the valve until it wasn't coming out dirty anymore. Reconnected the plug and turned the ignition on so the valve moved all the way out and then sprayed it again until the rest of the dirt was gone. Let it dry for a few minutes then reinstalled. Build up didn't seem too bad but I'm not sure how much it takes to affect its normal function. And I as wondering should I spray the rest of the can through one of the vacuum lines into the inlet..? I read that from the back of the can. It seems to be running nicely at the moment so I don't want to introduce any new problems if it's not usual practice. With a new IACV, does the idle base need to be logged and adjusted to suit the values of the new unit?
  3. I removed and cleaned the stepper motor and am going for a drive now. From researching other gc8's it seems this valve goes whenever it feels like it. I'll see how this goes and let you know later tonight.
  4. I only changed the 3 fields surrounding the engines current temp to get it idling. I guess the values for cold weren't quite high enough to start this morning.
  5. Now I have reapplied the base table values as above and it is idling ok. FUnny it wouldnt start with those values this morning. I dont need to perform any sort of reset after saving to ECU do I?
  6. I'm out and about at the moment and it's idling low. Log attached. Low idle.llg
  7. When I use those values for my idle base, it won't start. I tried a few times and also with a little throttle during cranking but the revs just fall and it stalls straight away. Log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah20vN2_b-_wiNp5qm1gaAiU1wAK0Q?e=dZIHxj I changed back to the previous idle base and entered the IAT TP0 fuel trim to 0 for >30deg and then logged cold start idle until warm then revved over 2500. Log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah20vN2_b-_wiNp7ICBI_F5ghQMG7g?e=JS2nJw I'm gonna go for a drive shortly and can see how it goes.
  8. Ok, so I've changed the warm idle values and will see how it goes. Being an intermittent problem it may be a while until it occurs again. Attached is a log taken just now, cold start idling to operating temp. And the link below is for the log taken yesterday showing idle and re-starts ok. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah20vN2_b-_wiNp33d1GRhcEvaLtwg?e=AWpxlR Cold to warm idle.llg
  9. Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, normally it idles ok at 850 I logged another drive last night but the file size was over 10mb so I couldn't attach it. I will log a drive this morning of idle normal and upload. One thing I forgot to mention, usually it does take a few seconds to start once warm. when it does it's low revving but comes up to idle (850) after a second or 2. When comparing yesterdays and todays logs, the 'IAT Fuel Corr.' value is noticeably different at -3.5% right from engine start. This was about the only difference I could see when it does rev up and down compared to starting and idling normal. "you could try increasing the "warm" numbers in your base idle table (higher numbers = lower idle on stepper motors normally)." - I've only clicked my way through logging and reviewing data so far with that being the extent of my knowledge and capability.... Can you guide me in changing these numbers? Cheers
  10. Hi, I recently purchased a 2000 gc8 wrx with Link G4+ ECU. On occasion, warm start gives a rising and falling idle. Cold start is fine. Usually I can just turn it off and then start up again and it's fine. Today it happened and wouldn't start back up. I left it for a few minutes and then was ok. I had enabled PC logging for >500rpm so I captured the issue and have attached the log along with the tune file. Are you able to have a look and let me know if there is something I can do? This is my first car with aftermarket ECU so I am not familiar with the tuning process. Let me know if you need anything else for diagnostics. Thanks Warm start_irregular idle.pclr Warm start_Irregular Idle_Log.llg
  11. Hi, Nothing special about mine (and not as many accessories) but I came across your post and since I've been logging today figured I'd send some pics. I bought a gc8 wrx with a link G4+ installed. The harness, USB tune cable and XS loom come out the side of the casing through a grommet. When I removed the ECU cover, I could see the original hole for the harness has been enlarged with some snips and the grommet has been swapped for a bigger one. It's all neat enough though as the ECU box is covered by a metal protection cover and then the carpet. At the moment if not connected to the laptop I just coil the USB cable and tuck it under the edge of the carpet. I'm waiting on a new OBD adapter but I'll probably just connect it to the XS cable and sit it under the stereo.
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