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  1. Rlp-Gpr

    vw golf 3 vr6

    Hello, have you ever fitted an ecu link on a 2.8 VR6 engine? I'm looking for info on connecting and configuring triggers
  2. Hi, i have a Nissan silvia S14a Automatic transmission I need to connect an atom G4+ ECU LINK on the original duplicate wiring with the OEM ECU, Can you confirm that the CAS signal is as follows Trigger 1 = pin 22 or pin 30 Trigger 2 = pin 31 or pin 40
  3. Here is the Quaife shifter with force sensor and tune test hpfactory fuel base 20+SHIFTCUT-TEST.pclr
  4. Hello, I am currently working on a civic honda race, The car is equipped with a QUAIFE sequential box with speed selector equipped with a pressure sensor, Do you have any advice to give me for the proper setting of the Shift cut?
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